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How to support yourself through the change of season

When I get unwell I try to first clear my schedule to make space for rest and recover – the most important part of getting well again if you are feeling unwell. All to often we just pop a few pills and get on with life, not really listening to what the body is asking for.

I use good supplementation to start with. I take the Life Long Vitality Supplements from doTERRa, which includes a Food Nutrient Complex, a Cellular Complex and an Omega Complex. At $126 wholesale price for a monthly supply (I only take half the dose for maintenance and when unwell full dose) this is really reasonable. Very, very few of us get enough nutrients with our food – supplementation is essential for most to help our bodies heal and deal to the stresses that our lifestyles bring. I can highly recommend to implement these supplements into your daily self-care and prevention regime.

I use the On Guard products on a daily basis. On Guard is the Immune Protection blend. When I was unwell I was diffusing this blend all day long, as it has the ability to cleanse the air from airborne bacteria. I use the topical roller on my throat, under the soles of feet and top and base of the spine (can’t reach the rest… ;-). I use the hand soap all throughout the house and yoga studio and I used the On Guard Hand Sanitizer when prepping food for my family. Last but not least I also use the On Guard Cleaning Concentrate to keep the house sparkly and free of bacteria and the magic On Guard Throat Lozenges, that will soothe your sore throat in speed that surprises everyone I introduce these lollies to. Best of all they are only raw cane sugar and essential oils. Oh and the Toothpaste – keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. I also use the On Guard Mouthwash, which is now available from the USA warehouse. On Guard is your best friend as a mum or if you work with lots of people around you. They are my most used products.

Next the Easy Air Range. These save me – I have a tendency to Sinusitis and I do steam baths for my face. Bowl with hot water, drops of On Guard and Easy Air, a few Chamomile Flowers and towel over the head. So soothing and frees all the airways. I also diffuse Easy Air and use it as a chestrub. Most people don’t realise that commercial chest rubs have petrochemicals in them. You don’t want to put that stuff on your largest organ. Easy Air is a natural blend of pure, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils. You just dilute with a carrier oil and I rub that on my chest and under soles of the feet. At night I also rub it on my forehead and temples. The Easy Air drops really help with niggling coughs and to free up the sinuses or if you experience restriction in the respiratory system. I always have them in my yoga bag for students. There is also an Easy Air chestrub straight to use. However I tend to use the oil more personally.

I use my neti pot for my sinuses at least twice daily when I have infection in the sinuses. I use a bit of Himalayan Salt and warm water and flush the sinuses with it.

Herbs and Homeopathics are always part of my recovery. With my sinusitis I find Pulsatilla clears it beautifully. I do use the Malcolm Harker range, the Sinus Clear herbs too and Tissue Salts for Congestion.

I have lots of Tumeric / Ginger / Lemon & Honey teas, try to keep nutrition simple and really healthy with lots of fruit and veg, freshly pressed juices and nourishing smoothies.

I like to have Empson & Sea Salt baths with nourishing oils like Manuka, Frankincense, Cardamom or whatever I fancy really and have long, relaxing soaks.

There a few other doTERRA products I like to use when unwell. I took DDR Prime, the Cellular Protection blend, Tumeric, Frankincense and Yarrow/Pom internally to help clear the inflammation in the body. I drop the oils in an empty vegi capsule and swallow. Only short term and when I need it.

And I try to rest as much as I can – which is the most important part. The body takes time to heal and all to often we want to force it into our own crazy schedule no matter if it needs resting or not.

So those are just a few of the things I do when unwell. I hope you find a few interesting snippets.

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