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I have observed a pattern within myself of being brought out of balance regularly by opinions and judgement of other people, articles I read, information I digest.

What I learn each time is to come back to my own inner truth. We all have wisdom residing on the inside, which we regularly shut off by the outside noise, by the rational mind or by adhering to / following what other people think is good or not good for us.

Fact is that we are all absolutely different individuals. Not everything works for everybody. Your truth is not my truth, my truth is not yours.

It is also fact that on pretty much every subject if you google and research it you can find papers and evidence on either side of the view. Be it vegetarianism / veganism / meat eating, be it natural alternative medicine / conventional medicine, immunizing / not immunizing, there are thousands of theories about how and what we should eat, what we should and should not being doing to avoid this, that and the other thing and just as much evidence that exactly this is bad for you for this, that and the other reason.

Also the mindset is important when we do things. For example there is no point having a coffee and chocolate and feeling bad and guilty about it. You might as well really enjoy it and make the most of it. There is no point of stressing every night about nutritious meals for your family if the stress and worry makes you sick – you might as well go to the beach one night and have fish and chips together and a good time – its probably healthier overall for everybody. I am not promoting eating unhealthy foods, I just think the pressure we put ourselves under these days to do everything just right and avoid xyz and do the very best for our families & the planet can cause more stress, worry and illness than slacking off a bit and actually enjoying the ride.

I always come back to my common sense, to my gut feeling, observing my experience with whatever – if it makes me feel good – perfect, if it makes me feel contracted or bad – I stop using or doing it.

Fact is also that pretty much everything we do by just existing we damage the earth and natural resources in some way. We can’t all go back to being cave people. There are too many people on this planet, doing too much damage. However we can use resources mindfully and if we all did that we could possibly reverse some of the damage.

Also fact is that there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with whatever you figured out to be really good for you. We have to learn to accept other people’s opinions and let them have theirs.

I have some strong opinions about some things and find it hard to digest, if someone doesn’t agree with whatever I am so passionate about.One example is my mum. She and my dad have been battling different health issues in the last few years and I have been trying to introduce some things to help themselves. However most of the time, they are just brushed sideways as hocuspocus, which was particularly hurtful, since I studied homeopathy and my mum told me she doesn’t believe in that. Its learning to accept that everyone has a different path and different beliefs. What works so well for me and my family might not be right for her at all. Another example is that I don’t want a smart meter on our house, and the process I had to go through with all sorts of electricity companies to avoid getting one of those being treated like an alien from another planet. Or Fluoride and Chlorine in the water, or water pollution, or….. We have to learn to let go of the expectation that everybody has to agree with us. Letting go of judgment.

And always come back to that inner peace, the inner knowing, the inner wisdom, acceptance, surrender.

How to plug into that wisdom – meditation, stillness, turning off the devices, turning off the senses and listening, celebrating every day what we have, the beauty we are surrounded with, the blessings and resources we have in our life.

And here we go another opinion piece to digest this time of my own doing.

Have a good day everyone – enjoy this crazy world!

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