Tibetan Singing bowls / Soundhealing

I have experienced many Tibetan Singing Bowls and Crystal Singing Bowls as well as Kirtan’s and mixed Sound Baths over the years to support my own healing journey and always loved them.

It seemed a natural progression for me to stop using music in my yoga sessions and use Tibetan Singing Bowls instead. I was very fortunate to receive guidance and help from Chrystal Soundhealing and purchased my own Set of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

My Sound Bowls are hand made in Nepal in the traditional way. I use them either on their own in Soundbaths or private sessions or implement them as part of my Reiki Sessions, Yoga Sessions, Aromatherapy sessions and in Retreats.

There is more and more research coming on our on the benefits of Sound Healing and I can see on a daily basis in my classes how positively they impact my students.

If you would like to book me for a sound healing session or a collaboration or retreat, please be in touch on [email protected]

I would love to hold space for you.