I have experienced Reiki Healings many times over the years. After being a Yoga Teacher, Space Holder and Sound Healer for 3 years in my own studio it felt right to bring Reiki in as another modality to serve my community, my family and myself.

I studied with Shu Shimoaka, a Japanese Reiki Master, who is now based in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and have finished my Reiki 3 Master certification in 2019. 

You can see available times to book a session HERE and you can pay the fee HERE.


Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses Life Force Energy to naturally assist the body in returning to its natural state of balance and harmony. Reiki promotes deep relaxation and adds high frequencies to a person’s energetic field. Shifting stagnated energy patterns that may be causing physical, mental or emotional pain to a rebalanced and recharged energetic field.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Mikao Usui developed reiki in the early 1900s, deriving the term from the Japanese words rei, meaning “universal,” and ki, which refers to the vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Now, reiki is used all over the world, including in hospitals and hospices, to complement other forms of health treatments.

Reiki aids in healing by helping people become energetically balanced — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


  • Relief from pain, anxiety, and fatigue 
  • Boosted intuition 
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Promotion of harmony and balance 
  • Deeper relaxation and support with releasing stress and tension from the body
  • Dissolving energy blocks and supporting a natural balance between mind, body, and spirit 
  • Assisting the body in cleansing itself from toxins and supporting the immune system 
  • Clearing the mind and improving focus through helping you feel more grounded and centred 
  • Better sleep 
  • Accelerating the bodies self-healing ability 
  • Supporting spiritual growth and emotional cleansing
  • Complimenting medical treatments and other therapies


For Distance Reiki we agree on a day, time & duration to receive Reiki Healing. I encourage you to be in a relaxed position, lying or sitting in mediation, or sleeping, or doing some gentle activity like crafting, reading etc. Distance Reiki can be send anywhere in the world. I just need you full name, date of birth & address and sometimes a photo can be helpful to tune in to the recipient. Be sure to remove any electronic devices like fitbits, smartwatches and try not to handle technology like your mobile phone or computer during the session.

For in person Reiki & Sound Healing sessions you come to my healing space in Haumoana, Hawke’s Bay. We have a check in first to see if you would like to address anything specific. I also use Aromatherapy in my sessions and offer Itovi scans. The Itovi scanners shows us, which essential oils your body is asking for. I can then make you a personal blend to take home (5 ml is $15, 10 ml is $25) and use those oils during the session if they resonate with you. 

We will make you comfortable on the Reiki Table (try to wear something you feel comfy in that is not constricting) and you will stay fully clothed apart from your shoes. I use a mix of gentle touch and hovering my hands over your body. If you would rather not be touched the session can be fully done just hovering over the body, just let me know beforehand.

I use my 13 Tibetan Singing Bowls during the session as well. I usually place one bowl on the body and will rotate the different bowls during the session. Other bowls will be placed in different spaces around the table, so you will be enveloped by the gentle and healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls as well as the Reiki Energy. Please do let me know if you are pregnant or have have pacemaker, as I will not be placing any bowls on the body directly in this case.

You might experience some hot/cold sensations, some tingling, different flow of energy, some people have visions or inspirations during the session, some people experience physical or emotional release – it is a different experience for everyone. 

You will have some time at the end of your session to slowly come back from your state of relaxation and you will be offered a refreshment. 

You can book your session through my shop and you can e-mail or phone me to book a time 021 – 161 43 40, [email protected]

If you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to help.

Photo Credit: Aaron Blanco Tejedor / Unsplash