Yoga in person

Yoga is my favorite modality, the base, the roots for so many things in my life. When I first started practicing yoga I did strong practices like Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa. I was still in a mindset that I needed to have a strong practice to have a strong body, which is probably partly true. After 13 years of mothering and working full-time and being a highly sensitive person I realised that what I needed to be strong within myself is a gentle practice to give my body and mind a break and some nourishment.

Over the years my practice has changed a lot. When I first practiced Yin Yoga I felt like coming home in my yoga practice. My yoga practice is now very intuitive and interwoven with strong and gentle elements, plenty of time to experience the asanas / poses, plenty of variation to accommodate for our different bodies and skeletal structures, plenty of time to breathe consciously and deep and I am providing a space where the mind can become calm and settled and the body feel nourished.

I interweave Aromatherapy and Sound Healing with my Tibetan Singing Bowls in my Yoga Sessions and longer 2 hour sessions with time for a long Shavasana and Sound Healing at the end of the yoga practice are my favorite.

I also love to hold space for one or multiple day retreats, where the real healing, listening and transformation can take place. Retreats can be customised for the needs of the group.

From March 2020 I will be living and travelling with my family on a sailboat around Europe, starting in Greece. If you are over that way and would like me to hold space for yoga or healing sessions or collaborative events, please be in touch on [email protected]

I would love to hold space for you.