Why doTERRA?

I have used essential oils for many years in our household in the old tealight burners (now replaced by more modern ultrasonic diffusers who don’t damage the healing the properties of the oils), in my bath, in the washing, in cleaning, in my yoga practice, to manage my emotions in more efficient way, to support my general wellbeing.

When I opened my own yoga studio in 2017 I was sure I wanted a diffuser in the yoga room and the highest quality oils I could get my hands on. So I did my research and opened my own doTERRA account in March 2017 and so happy to be part of Elena Brower’s Essential Practice team.

Today doTERRA is the biggest essential oil company in the world, which provides the highest quality oils to essential oil users all over the world to nearly 12 million customers worldwide and one of the most ethical & sustainable sourcing programs. Unfortunately the essential oil industry is unregulated in most countries lots of essential oils you can purchase are not the real deal – 100% plant essence but synthetic (chemical) cheaper versions, diluted and sourced through dodgy middle men or questionable sources.

Here are some of the main reasons why I choose to partner with doTERRA:

  • The essential oils are 100% plant essence and thoroughly in house and third party tested (every batch of essential oil is tested over 50 times). You can find more info on the doTERRA CPTG testing HERE.
  • Each single essential oil bottle has a number at the bottom of the bottle. You can track this number back to the individual test results on sourcetoyou.com.
  • Each essential oil variety is carefully assessed and assembled. The doTERRA Frankincense for example is compiled out of 3 different frankincense varieties to ensure we are receiving the highest potency essential oil into our homes.
  • For us as individuals it is really not that easy to assess if an essential oil we bought is the real deal or a synthetic rip-off or partly real and partly synthetic. So for me as a mama and conscious consumer it is important to purchase a brand that I can trust 100%, because I want to reduce synthetics and chemicals on our skin and in our household as best as I can. I trust doTERRA 100%.
  • doTERRA source and distill the plants from the countries where they grow in their natural habitat, for example Manuka & Douglas Fir from New Zealand, Lavender from France, Frankincense from Somalia, Spikenard & Wintergreen from Nepal.
  • doTERRA pride themselves on co-impact sourcing, making sure they are looking after growers, soils, practice sustainable harvesting and really look after their growers and workers, especially in the third world countries. You can find more information on sourcing practices on sourcetoyou.com.
  • doTERRA supports countless charities all over the world. The Healing Hands Foundation is the heart of doTERRA and the positive change that is created through this charity is having huge ripple effects all over the world. You can check the Foundation out HERE.
  • I am happy to pay a little bit more for an essential oil that is ethically and sustainably sourced, thoroughly tested, potent & pure. I vote with my wallet and I create change in this world by making conscious consumer decisions. You can too.
  • With my doTERRA account I also receive the support and education. I needed to use these oils safely and to their fullest potential. You don’t receive free education, support and help when you purchase a bottle of essential oil off the shelf. This was the biggest surprise to me – the network of beautiful woman and men all around the world that I am now part of. You can be part of it too – FREE!
  • Yes – doTERRA is a network marketing company and when I first started it gave me goosebumps. I didn’t want to be part of a pyramid scheme ;-). Now I can only laugh about my initial concern. After experiencing this company for over 8 years personally and having worked for over 25 years in conventional businesses I can honestly say with hand on my heart, that I have never been involved with a better company in all my life. doTERRA as a network marketing company and especially Elena Brower’s team (I can only speak from what I know and experience personally) has been nothing but generous, honest, supportive, helpful and a real pleasure to be involved in. There is a lot of unfounded judgment about network marketing out there and I was once one of those people judging without knowing and exploring.