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Essential Oil safety for pets

I have had a few messages querying about the safety of essentials oils for their pets, especially dogs and cats. We have a dog of our own, so I have done a bit more research and attach some articles & links for you to check out below.

Firstly if you diffuse essential oils at your home or use them topically (on skin) or aromatically (diffuser) make sure you use the purest oils you can find. Essential Oils are unregulated in most countries and lots of the cheap essential oils are just synthetic and toxic rip offs of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I only use doTerra essential oils as they monitor the plants from harvesting, ethical sourcing, to bottling, third party testing for toxins, pesticides etc. Lots of the waxmelts and cheaper oils are not only toxic for your pet but also for you.

Use essential oils for what they are – a healing modality – to support your and your families well being. You don’t have to have the diffuser running all day. Use them responsibly and mindfully. Short term usage (2-4 hours for specific purposes is enough) to calm or elevate moods, help the respiratory tract, get rid of yucky smells, germs etc.

If you have a pet and you diffuse oils, make sure they can leave the room if they want to and have windows open. Our dog is free to wander and we only have a diffuser in the living room and my office.

Dilution is essential – use water diffusers and only 2-3 drops in the diffuser if you have cats.

Cats seem to be more sensitive as dogs, because they lack a liver enzyme to process essential oils properly. So if you have a cat you might only want to diffuse when they are out and about and apply the oils to your skin with a roller bottle / inhale from your hand / use steam baths or real baths or in the shower for inhalation.

Our dog doesn’t seem to mind the diffuser, but we use doTerra oils, a water diffuser, I only use them short term and she is free to wander off if she wants to. I haven’t used essential oils on her topically. More reading can be done here:…/cats-essential-oil-safety/ You could also follow Janet Roak on Facebook or Instagram who is vet in the US who uses doTerra oils in her clinic. She has posted links on her facebook page about essential oil safety for cats recently and did a video live. Hope this helps to ensure your pets are safe.

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Aromatic Benefits of essential oils

I just love the aromatic benefits of essentials oils, when used in the diffuser or on diffusing jewellery. The sense of smell is our quickest sense. The olfactory glands in the nose will “transport” the microparticles of the essential oils to your limbic system of the brain. One of the functions of the limbic system of the brain is to regulate emotions. So its a very quick way to manage emotions & moods. Those microparticles arrive in your brain within seconds.

Even if I apply an essential oil to the skin for the topical use I always inhale as well to get both the physical and aromatic benefits. I also have several bracelets and necklaces with plain wooden and lava beads, which absorb the oils and can hold the scent for around 4 days with some oils.

With the diffusers, which produce cold steam, the essential oil micro particles can stay in the air for up to 2 hours after the diffuser finished. Also with the diffusers you don’t actually damage the properties of the essential oils, as they are not heated up like in the old tealight diffusers. The essential oils are heat and light sensitive, so you can use them in cooking and in the tealight diffusers but you might knock off some of the healing properties of the oils and only have the aroma left.

I am sharing a passage from Valerie Anne Worwood’s book “the fragrant mind”, who is a well known Aromatherapist: Hospitals and hospices need all the cheering up they can get, and essential oils are the perfect way to do it. Aside from the fact that they deodorize the clinical and organic smells, and make the place smell fresh and charming, they can (if you use the right ones) cut down cross-infections. Mr Fred Dale of Dale Air Products, who has twelve years experience in installing essential oil diffusion-systems in hospitals, museums and other public building, says that synthethic materials, when interacting with certain other smells, won’t get rid of those smells and you’ll end up with a worse smell than you started with.  Essential oils on the other hand work very well. And they have other benefits. At the Worcester Hospital in Hereford a six-month trial showed that vaporizing lavender through the air caused patients to sleep in a more natural pattern, and made them less aggressive during the day. More than that, over the six months, some patients were weaned off their tranquilizers – simply by substituting lavender in the atmosphere, which has a calming effect on the brain….. In Japan aroma diffusing systems with essential oils have shown an increase in productivity with office workers. Some aromas reduced typing errors up to 54% with Lemon Essential oil!

This is a passage from Nadine Artemis’ book “Renegade Beauty” The scientific findings of forest bathing teach us that it is beneficial for people to spend time in nature. Fortunately, phytoncides and essential oils share a similar constituent – those precious terpenes. Essential oils can provide forest therapy for us at home, every day, all year long regardless of the temperature or location. All essential oils are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti fungal, and they all have a concentration of a terpene. Forest bathe at home by filing it with these lovely, aromatic molecules by diffusing or steaming the particles into the air. There are thousands of articles and studies on the benefits of diffusing essential oils. They can help you sleep better, focus better, calm moods, uplift moods. You can also create aromatic anchors for example by diffusing a little Lavender when you get your baby to sleep. Baby will know Lavender means sleep time if you do it every time. That will carry on throughout their lives as they grow – they have an aromatic anchor of Lavender meaning sleep support. You can start creating new aromatic anchors anytime for yourself and your children. Here is a short extract of the emotional properties of essential oils from the book “Emotions & essential oils”:

  • Basil – Oil of Renewal. Brings strength to heart and relaxation to mind. Great for nervousness, anxiousness and despair. Strengthens adrenals, gives hope, helps in recovery from negative habits. Indicated for those who are weary in mind and body and in need of strength and renewal.
  • Bergamot – Oils of Self Acceptance. Helps to let go of self judgement and learn to love themselves unconditionally. Cleansing with stagnant feelings. Awakens hope.
  • Cedarwood – Oil of Community. Supports people who struggle to form bonds or social roots.
  • Cinnamon – Oil of Sexuality. Supports reproductive system and helps heal sexual issues.
  • Clary Sage – Oils of Clarity & Vision. Helps getting a clear vision & open to new ideas. Opening creative channels and clearing blocks.
  • Clove – Oil of Boundaries. Support in letting go of Victim Mentality. Helps to stand up for yourself, be proactive, feel capable and builds appropriate boundaries & defenses.
  • Copaiba – Oil of Unveiling. Copaiba offers assistance to those caught in lower vibrations of shame, blame , fear and self-loathing and other unconsciously internalized emotion. It summons them to begin the unraveling and restoration process process necessary for lasting healing and further awareness or inside.
  • Cypress – Oil of Motion & Flow. Cypress shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.
  • Eucalyptus – Oil of Wellness. Supports the person who constantly facing illness. Claiming wholeness and heal.
  • Fennel – Oil of Responsibility. Support if weakened sense of Self. Fennel reignites passion for life.
  • Geranium – Oil of Love & Trust. Fosters receptivity to human love and connection. Aids in healing broken heart. “The emotional Healer”
  • Ginger – Oil of Empowerment. Helps to be fully present and participate in life.
  • Grapefruit – Oil of honoring the body. Teaches true respect and appreciation for ones physical body. Helps when body image issues are present.
  • Jasmin – The oils of sexual purity and balance – helps with unresolved sexual trauma, sexual repression, sexual fixation, encourages safety within intimate relationships, invites purest intentions to the sexual experience.
  • Lavender – Oil of Communication. Lavender encourages honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires. .
  • Lemon – Oil of Focus. Nourishes mind aids concentration helps with Confusion, inability to focus lack of joy and energy.
  • Lemongrass – Oil of Cleansing. clears negative energy
  • Lime – Oil for Zest for Life. Dispels apathy and resignation
  • Majoram – Oil of Connection. If unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships
  • Manuka – Oil of being upheld. Powerful plant to heal and bless humanity. Manuka invites the heart to open and offers powerful healing energy to bind up wounds, soothe troubled hearts and nurture souls back into a state of centeredness. Helps transmuting suffering into transcendence.
  • Melaleuca – Oil of Energetic Boundaries. Clears negative energy baggage. Use if problems with parasitic or codependent relationships.
  • Neroli – oil of shared purpose and partnership. Unifying and stabilizing oil. Calming troubled hearts in relationship conflict. Promotes harmony in changing dynamics of long-term relationships. Neroli invites individuals to develop the character traits of fidelity, empathy, patience, forgiveness, and resilience to ease these relationship challenges.
  • Oregano – Oil of Humility & Non attachment. If overly attached, pride, opinionated.
  • Peppermint – Oil of a Buoyant Heart. To rediscover the joy of being alive.
  • Rose – the oil of divine love. Hold higher vibration than any other oil on the planet. Powerful healer of the heart.
  • Rosemary – Oil of Knowledge & Transition. Helps with focus, concentration & development of true knowledge & intellect.
  • Thyme – Oil of Releasing and Forgiving. Powerful cleanser of the emotional body & addressing trapped feelings
  • Wild Orange – Oil of Abundance. When struggling with scarcity mindset.
  • Ylang Ylang – Oil of the Inner Child. Supportive in emotional healing, releasing trauma from past. Restores playful & childlike nature and innocence.
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Enhancing Focus and Concentration with essential oils

doTERRA has a ready made Focus blend, called In Tune. It comes undiluted in a roller bottle, so as usual I open the original bottle and have 2 empty 10 ml rollers ready. I put one part each in the empty rollers, leaving 1 one part in the original bottle, then I top them all with Fractionated Coconut oil. So its a super reasonable oil, once diluted and ready to go.

One of my personal go to Diffuser blends is 2 drops each of Lemon, Rosemary and Wild Orange. Gets all your senses sharp and is uplifting as well.

My Aromatherapy Coffee Is equal amounts of Peppermint and Wild Orange with a bit of carrier oil, drop in your hand and inhale deeply or diffuse 4 drops each. I sometimes take and empty essential oil bottle and add 15 drops Wild Orange, 15 drops Peppermint and top with carrier oil. This way is ready to use whenever you need. Some people take 1 drop each undiluted in their hand and inhale. When working with other people I am always taking the pre-cautious approach of diluting for topical application.

I have recently purchased The Essential Life book and really love it. When I browsed through it the other day I came across a section with oils and recipes for Focus and Concentration and who doesn’t need more Focus and Concentration in a world that is so noisy? So here we go I will share a few: 

Motivation Power for Diffuser:
2 drops Basil
2 drops Grapefruit
1 drop Bergamot
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Rosemary
1 drop Ylang Ylang

Fidget Fixer in 10 ml roller bottle:
3 drops Cedarwood
6 drops Balance Blend
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Lavender

Fill up with Carrier Oil and roll behind ears, back of Neck, bottoms of feet or down the spine. 

Improved Concentration in 5 ml roller bottle:

2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Lavender
1 drop Roman Chamomile
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Vetiver

Fill up with Carrier Oil and roll behind ears, back of Neck, bottoms of feet or down the spine.

Calm and Confident in 10 ml roller bottle:

8 drops Vetiver
4 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Roman Chamomile
2 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Majoram
1 drop Ginger

Fill up with Carrier Oil and roll behind ears, back of Neck, bottoms of feet or down the spine.

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How to support yourself through the change of season

When I get unwell I try to first clear my schedule to make space for rest and recover – the most important part of getting well again if you are feeling unwell. All to often we just pop a few pills and get on with life, not really listening to what the body is asking for.

I use good supplementation to start with. I take the Life Long Vitality Supplements from doTERRa, which includes a Food Nutrient Complex, a Cellular Complex and an Omega Complex. At $126 wholesale price for a monthly supply (I only take half the dose for maintenance and when unwell full dose) this is really reasonable. Very, very few of us get enough nutrients with our food – supplementation is essential for most to help our bodies heal and deal to the stresses that our lifestyles bring. I can highly recommend to implement these supplements into your daily self-care and prevention regime.

I use the On Guard products on a daily basis. On Guard is the Immune Protection blend. When I was unwell I was diffusing this blend all day long, as it has the ability to cleanse the air from airborne bacteria. I use the topical roller on my throat, under the soles of feet and top and base of the spine (can’t reach the rest… ;-). I use the hand soap all throughout the house and yoga studio and I used the On Guard Hand Sanitizer when prepping food for my family. Last but not least I also use the On Guard Cleaning Concentrate to keep the house sparkly and free of bacteria and the magic On Guard Throat Lozenges, that will soothe your sore throat in speed that surprises everyone I introduce these lollies to. Best of all they are only raw cane sugar and essential oils. Oh and the Toothpaste – keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. I also use the On Guard Mouthwash, which is now available from the USA warehouse. On Guard is your best friend as a mum or if you work with lots of people around you. They are my most used products.

Next the Easy Air Range. These save me – I have a tendency to Sinusitis and I do steam baths for my face. Bowl with hot water, drops of On Guard and Easy Air, a few Chamomile Flowers and towel over the head. So soothing and frees all the airways. I also diffuse Easy Air and use it as a chestrub. Most people don’t realise that commercial chest rubs have petrochemicals in them. You don’t want to put that stuff on your largest organ. Easy Air is a natural blend of pure, therapeutic grade, organic essential oils. You just dilute with a carrier oil and I rub that on my chest and under soles of the feet. At night I also rub it on my forehead and temples. The Easy Air drops really help with niggling coughs and to free up the sinuses or if you experience restriction in the respiratory system. I always have them in my yoga bag for students. There is also an Easy Air chestrub straight to use. However I tend to use the oil more personally.

I use my neti pot for my sinuses at least twice daily when I have infection in the sinuses. I use a bit of Himalayan Salt and warm water and flush the sinuses with it.

Herbs and Homeopathics are always part of my recovery. With my sinusitis I find Pulsatilla clears it beautifully. I do use the Malcolm Harker range, the Sinus Clear herbs too and Tissue Salts for Congestion.

I have lots of Tumeric / Ginger / Lemon & Honey teas, try to keep nutrition simple and really healthy with lots of fruit and veg, freshly pressed juices and nourishing smoothies.

I like to have Empson & Sea Salt baths with nourishing oils like Manuka, Frankincense, Cardamom or whatever I fancy really and have long, relaxing soaks.

There a few other doTERRA products I like to use when unwell. I took DDR Prime, the Cellular Protection blend, Tumeric, Frankincense and Yarrow/Pom internally to help clear the inflammation in the body. I drop the oils in an empty vegi capsule and swallow. Only short term and when I need it.

And I try to rest as much as I can – which is the most important part. The body takes time to heal and all to often we want to force it into our own crazy schedule no matter if it needs resting or not.

So those are just a few of the things I do when unwell. I hope you find a few interesting snippets.

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doTERRA quality

There is lots of talk in the media about essential oil safety at the moment, so I thought I would touch first on the doTERRA quality here. Because using a pure, unadulterated essential oil is the basis for safe usage. Adulterated essential oils and synthetic fragrance can cause allergies, skin reaction add to the toxic load in the body.

Firstly I would like to emphasise the doTERRA quality.

  • Each batch of doTERRA essential oil is undergoing over 50 tests in house and third party. This level of testing is unprecedented in the essential oil industry worldwide.
  • doTERRA is one of the few companies, who publish their third party test results for EVERY batch of essential oil publicly on the website Again this is unprecedented in this industry.
  • Their sourcing practices are sustainable and ethical. They work with many small scale farmers all around the world and in many developing countries. doTERRA provide fair, longterm income for those growers and distillers. Not only giving them an income, but also hope to improve their and their communities safety, longevity and lifestyles. doTERRA has many humanitarian projects all around the world. Again you can view a lot of information on
  • The Aromatic Plant Research Institute (APRC) has the largest database of essential oil testing and quality. They recently conducted a study of 50 well known essential oil brands in the USA. Only 3 of the 50 essential oil brands had unadulterated essential oils in the bottle. 47 of them put synthetic fillers in their bottle, mislabel bottles, have traces of insecticides or pesticides etc.!!! That is terrible. doTERRA is one of the 3 who was tested as pure, clean essential oil. The other 2 small boutique distilleries in the USA. Most companies put profit over people and that’s one of the reasons why people get reactions to essential oils – because most of them are toxic and impure.
  • They have purer and more potent quality even than most organic essential oils. They are just not certified, because they source worldwide and sell worldwide, with different organic regulations in every country for sourcing and selling this would almost be a task impossible to archieve. Read this from one of the founders Emily Wright:

Clarity on Organic + CPTG, from Emily Wright:

“Many of doTERRA’s essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification. Why? We source from many developing countries. The certification requirements and availability differ from country to country. Some countries don’t even have a certification offering.

“For example, it costs $2,500 for a grower to receive organic certification in Madagascar. This certification lasts two years. Most of the time, an inspector never even visits the farm to verify that they are, in fact, growing organically. The fee is what matters here. However, most of the growers in this impoverished country cannot afford the certification, although they are all growing by the same standards (pesticides and herbicides aren’t used in Madagascar).

“The reason doTERRA has chosen not to print “certified organic” or “ECOCERT” on our labels is because each lot has a different certification. Some of our Ylang Ylang may come in with organic certification; another lot may not have the certification – because one producer simply paid a fee to be certified organic, and another didn’t.

“The important distinction: these two lots meet the very same quality standards. They go through the same battery of tests, and are both certified to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fillers, synthetics, or added compounds. There is no difference in the quality or purity.

“When we say that our oils are better than organic, it is because we have the ability to see even the smallest synthetic component in each lot of oil. Our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade process was developed by the finest analytical scientists. If there is anything contained in the essential oil that was not produced by nature, it’s simply rejected.”

So the moral of the story is – I trust doTERRA oils 100%. Each bottle goes through rigorous testing from growing conditions to the distillation process, before the rawmaterials are purchased, again when they arrive in the country and all the way through until you receive it in your bottle. A pure plant essence that you can trust.

Don’t by any other oils is my recommendation, because as an individual it is almost impossible to figure out if its pure or not.

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Safe usage of essential oils

There are many factors that come into safe usage of essential oils and I would like to discuss just a few basics.

  • Essential oils are very concentrated plant essences. 1 bottle of Lemon Essential oil has the essential oil of the peels of approx. 50 lemons in it (1 bottle – not one drop!) So they need to be used with common sense and caution.
  • I only use doTERRA essential oils, because I know they one of very few companies who actually put in the bottle what they say they do. Their testing regime and ethical and sustainable sourcing is unprecedented in the world.
  • If you use them topically on the skin you ALWAYS need to dilute. And you need to dilute according to different age groups. Don’t trust every recipe that floats around on instagram, facebook or in Pinterest. Unfortunately not everyone does their research properly and also every body is entirely individual. You need to assess dilution on age, which essential oil you are using (Cinnamon & Oregano for example are very spicy and strong), you need to be aware of photo-sensitivity (all citrus oils are photosensitive – you can burn your skin quicker for 12-24 hours after application) and some people have more sensitive skin than others. You can always do a skin patch test first.
  • If you use them aromatically in the diffuser, on diffusing jewellery, in your home made air-fresheners, just make sure you do not overwhelm your olfactory glands. The micro particles of the essential oils stay around in the air for up to 2 hours after the diffuser finished. You don’t need to diffuse for 24/7. Its lovely to have a morning and afternoon boost, when uplifting & focus is necessary. Its nice to support an evening routine, especially with children to establish aromatic anchors and have more settled and deeper sleep. If we have a virus going around in our house or someone is unwell I might on occasion diffuse all day to knock any floaties in the air on the head and support our immune-system. After all you don’t drink coffee all day or eat tumeric all day or take supplements every hour of the day. Use your common sense to see when you actually need the aromatic boost.
  • And lastly lets get to internal usage. Firstly I would not use any other essential oil other than doTERRA in food flavoring and support my body. Simply because most other essential oils have toxic and artificial components in them and might do more harm then good. I always advise caution when it comes to using essential oils for flavoring. First of all you need to do your own research. I for example don’t put them in my water on a daily basis. If I take them internally on occasion when my body needs it I drop them in an empty vegi capsule (supplement capsule) and swallow. I only recommend this if you know why you are doing it, how to do it and which oils are safe to do this. The oils will have a super beneficial effect if used properly on the skin topically and aromatically from the diffuser. More often when not internal use is not necessary and in some cases unsafe. If you use them in your food make sure there are other fats to bind and dilute the essential oil – for example in bliss balls with coconut oil, soups with olive oil, salad dressings with other carrier oil.
  • The beauty of doTERRA is, that you will be provided with lots of information. You look up the essential oils on the doTERRA website you get lots of information, not only on the oils itself, but also recipes, safety guidelines etc.
  • If you open your doTERRA account with me you will have my ongoing support – you can ask me questions anytime if you are unsure. You will get access to 2 educational forums and a website packed with information.
  • As with everything you put in or on your body – do your research, make sure you use them safely and use your common sense.
  • One last remark on the critics who try to bad mouth doTERRA. Lots of side effects from essential oil use actually come from using impure oils (not doTERRA) and from overusing or using incorrectly. From my point of view, if you are replacing toxic products in your home with natural ones that can only be of benefit to you and your family – so don’t buy into the scaremongering. From my experiences there are still too many homes where people spray perfume all over themselves on a daily basis (toxic), where we find toxic and artificial air fresheners in homes and cars, where we have cleaning products that compromise your health on a daily basis, where woman have 15 times the toxic load of men, because of all the body care products they put in an onto their bodies that are full of toxins and artificial ingredients, where toxic scented candles are burnt that compromise your olfactory glands and brain health…. The list goes on and on. Still a majority of people use a multitude of toxic products in their home and on their bodies without questioning them twice and getting into research mode when it comes to a pure, plant based essential oil. Put the same research into your everyday, mainstream products – check your labels and replace them with safe natural solutions.
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The best essential oils for restful sleep

Essential Oils can support you to find a more restful sleep. There are several you can choose from. I always recommend to use both topical application as well as diffusing in the bedroom before & during sleep. It depends on the severity of the sleep problems.

Lavender is probably the most well known essential oil to support sleep and find a calmer state. It doesn’t work for everyone though – approx. 30% of the population find Lavender uplifting rather than calming. I am one of them. I love lavender to calm my anxious feelings and thoughts, but I can’t use it at sleep time. Its works super well for my children though.

The Magnolia Touch roller bottle is another best friend at sleeptime. It has a much higher Linalool content than Lavender and Linalool is well knows for its calming effects . Again this is not just for sleep time. It makes a beautiful perfume and can help us keep our emotions calm during the day and help dealing with stress.

The best and most reliable sleep oil is Vetiver, which is also called the “knock out” oil. It comes from a grass root and is a really thick and resiny oil. Vetiver works a treat not only for sleep, but also for over anxious, over active, highly stressed people. Its very grounding and calming and I definitely recommend going for this one if you have severe sleep problems.

Roman Chamomile is great as well to support sleep and one of the essential oils that are safe to use for babies and small children as well.

If there are nightmares or night terrors involved Juniper Berry is great. Its the oil of the night and helps relieve any fearfulness around nighttime. One of my children sometimes gets bad nightmares when they have a fever. If that happens I rub some diluted Vetiver and Juniper Berry along their spine and they usually settle within minutes – like magic. Before I had the oils it took lengthy periods of time to settle them back.

You can add your sleep oils to some nourishing carrier oil, like Sweet Almond Oil and massage into your skin before you go to bed. Its a really nice self care ritual. I have a morning body oil and an evening one.

doTERRA also a few blends that can benefit your sleep routines. Lavender Peace Blend is beautiful blend of essential oils specifically formulated to help sleep and relaxation. You can find more info on this blend HERE.

Also the Peace blend from the Emotional Therapy kit can be helpful for sleep and helping calm the show. The Peace blend comes either as a roller or a neat oil which can be used in the diffuser. You can find more info on this blend HERE.

And last but not least the Balance blend helps to ground and calm either morning or evening. I know many people who rub the Balance blend under their feet in the morning to stay grounded and calm. Others find it also helpful at sleeptime. More info on this blend HERE.

Its a matter of finding an oil or blend that works for you as we are all individual beings. Experiment and have a bit of fun. And remember it might be necessary to apply both topically on the skin and also diffuse. For some people either or is enough, some people need both.

Also be mindful to have at least 30 minutes of screen free time before bed, try and go to bed before 10 pm and try to establish a bed time ritual that helps you find calm and peace and nourishes you. For example legs up the wall yoga pose (Viparita Karani) and conscious, deep belly breathing in combination with your oils could be good to try. You might like to write in your journal to process the events of the day or have a calming herbal tea and read a nice book (obviously not a gripping thriller right before bed ;-).

For those of you who need scientific research you can find lots of studies on pubmed. Here are a few examples.

Search: pubmed studies on aromatherapy Lavender sleep

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you want to start your doTERRA journey you can find instructions on my website HERE.

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doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

Lets talk doTERRA loyalty Rewards Program:

Everybody with a doTERRA account can either just order whenever they like with a “one time standard order” or be part of the “LRP / Loyalty Rewards Program” with a monthly order to receive your monthly Wellness Box straight to your door (my favorite parcel all month!). Your monthly order can be cancelled anytime, you can change it every month, there is no limit as to how much you have to order if you are just a customer.

What do I order regularly in my Wellness box

– essential oils (obviously ;-). I use them daily so have to replace regularly.
– doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste and Mouthwash (oohh so good and natural – no more ulcers or bleeding gums)
– doTERRA on Guard hand soap & cleaning concentrate (keeping those bugs at bay) 
– Lifelong Vitality Supplements (Food Nutrient Complex, Cellular Protection Complex and Omega’s – they are only $126 per month supply – have 30 day money back guarantee and are the top selling product of excellent quality)
– soaps bars, chest rub
– Lozenges On Guard for sore throats, Easy Air to clear airways.
– Correct X wound healing balm only $18 and I use for scrapes, cuts, burns, stings etc.
– Skin Oils – Yarrow Pom and Salubelle are the only things I use on my face. No more skin imperfections, less wrinkles and beautiful soft skin.
– Perfume – Rose, Jasmin, Neroli, Magnolia are now my perfumes. I don’t waste my money on toxic commercial perfumes anymore. Artificial fragrance in general really upsets my system if I smell it, for example car fresheners, toilet fresheners etc.
– doTERRA have a huge range of other products like skin care ranges, shampoo, conditioner etc.

So how does it work: You open your account with me with a starter kit or whatever you fancy. Then you set up your first monthly order with my help for the following month. For the first 3 months if you order for 50 PV every month you receive 10 % of your order volume back in product points. This percentage increases every 3 months until it reaches 30%. Then every so often you can treat yourself to some special oils or products from your accumulated points.

So this month I used my points to purchase a Rose Touch (best perfume ever, great for emotional balancing and has a big affinity with the skin), Manuka oil (I use for my skin potions, sore throats – its sourced in NZ – Gisborne), and Hawaiian Sandalwood (Skin Potions, grounding – great for meditation and being present, I use to support my lymphatic system) Those oils have a combined value of almost $300 wholesale. I wouldn’t usually treat myself to precious oils like this, but by purchasing products that I would usually buy in the supermarket or other places I get these treats for free. Wayyy better than fly by’s right?

Any questions let me know – I will lather on some Rose and Magnolia and go to sleep now. Be well. xxx

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Lickable Lipbalm and Anti Ageing Body Butter

The following 2 recipies are from the book “The Healing Power of essential oils” by Eric Zielinski, D.C.


1 table spoon bees wax, 2 table spoons organic, unrefined coconut oil, 2.5 teaspoons unrefined shea butter, 5 drops Vitamin E oil, 3 drops ginger essential oil, 2 drops peppermint essential oil

set glass measuring cup or jar in saucepan filled with an inch of water. Place beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter in jar and melt over medium heat, stirring occasionally. When ingredients are melted, remove the jar from pan and quickly stir in Vitamin E and essential oils. Pour into small tins, let cool. apply small amount onto lips. If allergic to beeswax you can try candelilla wax or bayberry wax. Makes about 15 small balm tubes or tins.


1 cup unrefined shea butter, 1 cup Mama Z’s oils base (see below), 5 drops essential oils (see suggested blends below).

Melt Shea Butter in double boiler, let it cool. Once cool enough to handle pour into medium glass bowl. Add Mama Z’s oil base and essential oils. Chill until partly solidified (about 15 mins). Whip to a butter like consistency with handheld mixer. Store in mason jar.

Mama Z’s oil base: 54 ounces / 1.5 kg coconut oil melted, 16 ounces / 453 grams sweet almond oil, 8 ounces / 226 grams Jojoba oil, 4 ounces 113 g Vitamin E. Mix everything and store in jars. You can use handmixer. Malt coconut oil gently first if hard. Lasts for up to 1-2 years if stored in cool and dark place. Can be used for balms, salves and butters.

Essential Oil blends for beauty and anti-ageing: 20 drops Helichrysum, 10 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Sandalwood, 5 drops Lavender, 5 drops Ylang Ylang. OR 20 drops Ylang Ylang, 10 drops Geranium, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Rose absolute. You can swap any of those. I usually don’t use citrus oils in body butters because of sun sensitivity.

Other blend ideas: You can use the doTERRA Salubelle blend for nourishing your skin, Ice Blue for an after excercise rub, Aromatouch for massage or morning rub, Roman Chamomile and Blue Tansy for before bed.