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doTERRA spare bottles for sale

I just sorted, refilled and took stock of my oils collection and I have a few spares I am happy to sell on. Feel free to message me if you are interested in one or more of them. Happy to consider Koha offers or swapsies. One of my goals in the holiday’s is to clear out and narrow down. These are all unopened new bottles.
ARBORVITAE – The Tree of Life, 5 ml, $40
Emotional: peaceful, surrender, grounded, trusting, relaxed, grace
Has been used in rituals and ceremonies,
Emotional Balance, Respiratory System support, nourishing for the skin
THYME, 15 ml, $55.50
Emotional: Releasing & forgiving, tolerant, patient, openhearted, understanding
1 well diluted drop over heartchakra, well diluted with carrier oil under soles of feet when unwell.
Supports Immune system, tonic for Nerves, uplifting
can be used to flavor dishes (just dip toothpick in top of bottle and stir through dish)
Needs to be very well dilutes – this bottle will last for a very long time.
MARJORAM, 15 ml, $38.50
Emotional: Open & connected, close relationships, softhearted, loving, ability to trust
I use a diluted drop over heartchakra and mix with a carrier oil when body feels sore and stiff.
Supports joints, helps with stiffness, supports respiratory system
can be used to flavor dishes (just dip toothpick in top of bottle and stir through dish)
Needs to be very well dilutes – this bottle will last for a very long time.
EUCALYPTUS, 15 ml, $26
Emotional: ability to heal, whole integrous, well, liberated, encouraged, responsible.
I love putting a drop of this oil on my drybrush. I also like to put 1 drop in my hand and inhale before yoga or breathwork.
Affinity with respiratory system and skin, can help relax muscles
ON GUARD, 15 ml, $52
Emotional: protective, healthy boundaries, capable, integrity, independent, reinforced, strenghtened
I roll this over my chakra line sometimes before and after I do energy work on others, because I am so sensitive and often take on other peoples energy. I always use this when I feel something is coming on – over my throat, on pulse points under feet. This always comes with me when travelling. Great in diffuser as well if things are going around in the family. I use the toothpaste, the Multipurpose cleaner, the Throat Drops etc. Swear by the On Guard products.
These are little beadlets with a tiny amount of the oil. I personally find them too strong in my mouth. I sometimes use a peppermint beadlet to cleanse my breath other a meal if I see a client.
CLARY SAGE, 15 ml, $68
Emotional: Spiritual clarity, intuitive, open-minded, imaginative, spiritually discerning
You can’t use this while pregnant, can bring on labor!
Great for female complaints – Affinity with Hormonal System
TEA TREE (Melaleuca), 15 ml, $32
Emotional: energetic boundaries, healthy and respectful connections, empowered, resilient, safe
This is a practical oil for me. I use to clean, a drop in the dishwasher and washing machine regularly to kill off any yucky stuff. I also put it on pimples and around wounds.
ICE BLUE, 5 ml, $50
Emotional: Resisting pain, avoiding emotional issues, panicked, fearful, wounded, unhealed
I use the Ice Blue range of products regularly when sore after exercising. Lots of people who go to the Gym also use beforehand. Great for any aches and pains.
MOTIVATE TOUCH,  10 ml roll on bottle x 2,  $27.50 each – 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT
Emotional: Motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energized, confident
This is a nice citrussy, uplifting natural perfume.
LAVENDER TOUCH, 10 ml roll on bottle x 2, $25 each
Emotional: Open communication calm, expressive, emotional honesty, self-aware, peace of mind.
This is a calming natural perfume. I use this when I have head tension around the hairline. Lots of people find it helpful for sleep support or to calm anxious feelings. Lavender is the swiss army knife of essential oils.
COPAIBA TOUCH, 10 ml roll on bottle, $37.50 – SOLD
Emotional: Worthy, self-aware, clarity, forgiven, redefinition of self, purposeful existence.
This is a tree resin, much like Frankincense and Myrrh. Has been used in spiritual ceremonies. Physically great affinity with Nerves. Its calming. I sometimes apply over third Eye and Crown Chakra in my yoga practice. Also use this for inflammation or pain.
If you have any questions or need more info, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.
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Positivity Aromatherapy blend by Valerie Ann Worwood

We all can do with a bit of positivity in these times. I found this lovely blend in “The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood and thought I would share it with you:

In 30 ml bottle put the following mix of essential oils and top with a carrier oil of your choice (Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba or Almond oil etc.) You can use it as a body oil, in baths or don’t dilute in Carrier Oil and put 3-4 drops of the essential oil mix in your diffuser for inhalation.

10 drops Geranium

8 drops Grapefruit

8 drops Petitgrain

4 drops Frankincense

Do not expose skin to direct sunlight 12-24 hours after application, as citrus oils can cause sunburn / sun sensitivity / sunspots.

“Positivity is not about grey areas, its about being optimistic and proactive – the kind of attitude that creates its own luck.

Positive people construct strategies to improve their chances of success. Rather than leaving things to chance, they put the odds in their favor by planning carefully and learning to deal with different situations. Positive people don’t daydream that one day it’s all going to get better, they set themselves realistic goals and for them, step by small step. and they don’t blame themselves for every little mishap. Mishaps are to be expected, they are part of the drama, but don’t allow them to rule your life.

Life is all about good and bad, and the trick is to find a balance in which there  is more good than bad. That’s all we can do. Optimism is key, and it is the attitude that good will ultimately prevail in the universe.

Essential Oils are like little packages of positivity, a helping aid in the move toward optimism. They gently nudge you forward until you find yourself saying, “Oh, maybe things aren’t so bad!” I don’t know of an essential oil that doesn’t add positivity in some way.” -Valerie Ann Worwood”

If you are interested to purchase the doTERRA essential oils, please message me [email protected] or check out the essential oil section on my website.

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Essential Oils to support your creativity / aromatic anchors

Aromatherapy can support us in our physical and emotional world and I certainly make use of my precious plant essences on a daily basis. I roll on an oil several times a day, change the essential oils I add to my body and face oils, I apply them to acupressure points, inhale deeply from the bottle and if we happen to be in a marina I also use my diffuser (not enough solar power here to do this daily anymore).

The essential oil is the blood of the plant, the soul, the lifeforce. – Tiffany Carole

One of the secret tools that not many people know about are aromatic anchors. If you choose one oil and repeatedly use it for the purpose of getting your body / mind into a certain space, your brain after some time will automatically switch without you doing anything about it. For example if you use Lavender every night at bedtime in your diffuser or as a foot rub or similar you body will learn when it detects the smell its sleep time and sleep will come alot easier. This is also a great tool for children. Same for mornings. If you choose for example Peppermint or a Citrus Oil and diffuse every morning your body will automatically know its wake up time.


Same can apply for your creative space. I would highly recommend hovering over your oils box and choosing an oil that you feel drawn to for your creative space if you are looking for an aromatic anchor.

  • Tree oils are usually grounding and full of wisdom. When I think of tree oils they are for me deeply connected with the root chakra and also with the third eye and crown chakra.  Examples are Cedarwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Silver Fir, Manuka, Douglas Fir, Black Spruce
  • Citrus oils are light, creative, uplifting for me. They invite freshness, alertness, happiness to my body. A perfect match for creative time. Examples are: Tangerine, Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit.
  • Flower Oils are sweet, harmony, balance, mystical, feminine. They invite softness, exploration, forgiveness, femininity, exploration. Examples are: Rose, Geranium, Jasmin, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Magnolia
  • Spice Oils are warm, comforting and healing to me. They feel like a blanket that I can wrap in. My favorite is Cardamom, but other examples are Ginger, Cinnamon / Cassia (very well diluted!)
  • Herb Oils are healing, cleansing, fresh, helping to digest emotions. Examples are Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, Marjoram, Thyme

I often apply an oil over my belly, heart, on my feet on my third eye or crown chakra. Before you sit down at your creative space create a comfortable, safe and happy environment, turn your diffuser on, place an oil and your body, close your eyes for a moment and tune in.

From the “Essential Emotions” book:

Essential Oils to support Creativity:

  • Wild Orange, Tangerine, Citrus Bliss, Clary Sage, Passion blend, Green Mandarin
  • Query: Am I open to thinking outside of my box? Where can I go to receive inspiration? Have I moved enough physically to clear my mind and heart? When have I been burned in the creative process? D I trust that this can be used as a fit for my growth?
  • Affirmation to say when applying the oil: “New ideas now flow naturally and abundantly to me.”
  • Visualise: See light pouring from the sacral chakra / reproductive area of your body, bringing gifts and ideas beyond your own.

Essential Oils for Inspiration:

  • Passion blend, Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Rosemary, Elevation blend, Blue Tansy, Arise blend, Green Mandarin, Tumeric
  • Query: What will it take for me to connect to the inspiration waiting for me? What life experiences have caused me to limit myself?
  • Affirmation: I am now open to infinite possibilities. Solutions are now waiting for me.
  • Visualise: See light pouring from the sacral chakra / reproductive area of your body. Visualize a gift being handed to you that contains ideas beyond your own. See your mind expanding to hold more.

Essential Oils when feeling Blocked:

  • Cypress, Thyme, Oregano, Litsea, Hinoki (Thyme and Oregano need to be very well diluted!)
  • Query: What am I avoiding? What will it take for me to feel confident in moving forward?
  • Affirmation: I can now trust my internal compass. I now move forward in confidence and faith.
  • Visualise: See yourself dismiss the conflicting voices on either side. Imagine your eyes and face cleaned, allowing a clear perspective to emerge.

Essential Oils for Worthiness / Worthlessness:

  • Bergamot, Slim & Sassy (or Smart & Sassy), HD Clear, Copaiba, Beautiful blend, Cassia
  • Query: Is this a feeling that will help me progress or turn to my Higher Power? Is it possible this feeling does not originate from a source of truth? Am I trusting in false thoughts about myself? What is clouding my perspective of myself? What am I to change?
  • Affirmation: I can now reject falsehood. I am now cherished, valued, and worthy of infinite love. I was born with intrinsic worth and value. I now reject belittling thoughts about myself.
  • Visualise: Imagine yourself held in loving arms. See what value you truly hold. Imagine your heart open to receive all the love that is yours.  See your heart, mind, and gut surrender any feelings of unworthiness and be filled with love. Open your arms to receive all that is yours.

Essential Oils for Authenticity:

  • Wild Orange, Cassia, Spearmint, Black Pepper, Steady blend, Kumquat, Pink Pepper, Amavi blend
  • Query: What will it take for me to stop comparing myself or my life mission with others? Am I safe to express what I think, feel, and desire?
  • Affirmation: I now choose to be true to my authentic self
  • Visualise: See you body as a cluster of circular colors. Take a deep breath and honor the beauty of the colours Dismiss anything that does not belong in your space.

If you have any questions or would like to share your oils or insights, I would love to hear from you. [email protected]

If you are interested to purchase doTERRA essential oils I am happy to support you and help to set up your account. You can find more information HERE or you can message me on [email protected].

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Balms for all occasions, incl. after sun balm

I have just done the free Balm class with Angela Chambers HERE. She is also part of our wider doTERRA team and has 2 other courses on offer. One Gua sha one and one about the Five Elements. The balm course is free, the other 2 you can purchase.

Her basic Balm recipe for 100 g balm is:
3 tbsp Shea Butter
2 tbsp Almond Oil
1 tsp Bees wax

You melt the Shea Butter and Bees Wax in a double boiler and then add your liquid oil, wait until its cooled, but not set and add your essential oils. For adults experiment with 20 drops – 30 drops of essential oil per balm, for children half that and always try on a patch of skin first. The below oils are several suggestions, you can choose one or a few to make your own balm. Remember less is more and if you use a blend its already been formulated for a specific purpose.

I like balms, because you can pre-make your favorite mixes and have them ready in the bathroom, by your bedside table, in your gym bag, on your kids bedside table, on your desk, in your handbag. Of course roller bottles work as well, but a balm gives you more of that massage feeling and moisturizes the skin beautifully. I love foot rubs, tummy rubs, hand massages.

For breathing support you can add Breathe blend, Rosemary, Cardamom, Eucalyptus.

For hormone support you can add Clary calm, Geranium, Clary Sage, Frankincense.

For immune support add On Guard.

For digestions add Digest Zen, Cardamom, Ginger, Peppermint.

For Muscle rubs add Ice Blue, Marjoram, Copaiba, Wintergreen.

When anxious and overwhelmed add Adaptive, Copaiba, Frankincense, Lavender.

For head tension add Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint and Copaiba (all of them).

For a perfume balm add your favorite essential oil scents.

Remember to store your balms away from heat and sunlight. Enjoy your balm making.


Here is another goodie for an AFTER SUN BALM by Samantha from Oiltribe:

With you all enjoying a summer, while we are cold here in Turkey I thought you might enjoy mixing up this natural after sun balm. Its based on a recipe by Samantha from Oil Tribe and makes approx. 2 x 200 g jars. Remember to try and put all your oils creations in glass, ideally amber glass and be careful with sun sensitive / photo sensitive essential oils (all citrus oils, apart from Green Mandarin).

1 cup natural Aloe Vera Gel
1/4 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Frankincense
5 drops Helichrysum

Stir vigorously with a fork or whisk. It will change colour to almost white.


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Essential Oils, chest rubs and balms to support your respiratory system

I love to use essential oils to support my breath work / Pranayam. Of course this is not necessary, but adds enjoyment for me, opens my airways pleasantly and improves my wellbeing. Doing your breathing exercises regularly will help keep your respiratory system healthy. Check out my blog HERE for some breath work instructions.

I also use the oils for myself and my family when our respiratory system needs support. You can make your own chest rub and will know exactly what is in it without nasty chemicals. I also like to rub the chest rub under the feet and put warm socks over it. And of course using your diffuser or an inhaler stick with essential oils on it will also support your respiratory system. You can buy inhaler sticks online. They have a felt tip inside it and you can drop any oils on it you enjoy

Firstly the whole Easy Air or Breathe range from doTERRA is my go to. There is a roller blend, the undiluted 15 ml oil, there are Easy Air drops to suck when things are blocked and there is also a chest rub stick.

Other oils to support your respiratory system are: Eucalyptus, Douglas Fir, Cardamom, Peppermint, Rosemary, Black & Pink Pepper, Lemon Eucalyptus.

Here is a basic Balm recipe for 100 g balm:
3 tbsp Shea Butter
2 tbsp Almond Oil
1 tsp Bees wax

You melt the Shea Butter and Bees Wax in a double boiler and then add your liquid oil, wait until its cooled, but not set and add your essential oils. For adults experiment with 20 drops – 30 drops of essential oil per balm, for children half that and always try on a patch of skin first. The above oils are several suggestions, you can choose one or a few to make your own balm. Remember less is more and if you use a blend its already been formulated for a specific purpose. Use like a chest rub front and back and also rub under the feet. Remember to store your balms away from heat and sunlight. Enjoy your balm making.

I also used to find steam inhalations with essential oils helpful when I had Sinus infections. I put boiling water in a bowl, drop Easy Air and On Guard Oil in it and put a towel over my head and the bowl and take deep breaths for as long as felt good. I did this twice per day usually.

Here is another snippet of wisdom from Dr. Scott A Johnson:

Blood oxygen is a measurement of how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying. Blood oxygenation levels are closely regulated to maintain a precise balance of oxygen-saturated blood so you stay healthy.
A clinical study evaluated the effects of a blend of essential oils on blood oxygenation levels. Women and men aged 21 to 60 years old inhaled essential oils from an essential oil inhaler (like pictured) containing peppermint, rosemary, and grapefruit (50:30:20 ratio) essential oils. The essential oil inhaler increased blood oxygenation from an average of about 95.6 to 97.2, showing that essential oils positively effect blood oxygenation. You can access the study HERE.
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Greek wild thyme and thyme essential oil

We recently went for a walk on Kythnos in the Cyclades in Greece and realised a beautiful scent on the relatively barren hill. On closer inspection we found that in between all the prickly bushes where little shrubs of wild thyme. The aroma was just beautiful. I picked a little bit to use in our cooking and looked it up online when we came back just to make sure I am not going to poison us. It turns out Greece is known for its wild thyme and thyme honey. I made pizza wheels the next day with wild Greek thyme sprinkled through the dough. I just love to utilize plants and their healing & nourishing properties and even better if I can just pick a bit on my walks from the wild.

Back at home in New Zealand I always had a couple of varieties of thyme in the garden. I love to add it to soups, sauces and teas. It has so many culinary uses and a long history as healing herb. Now that we are on our boat and when I don’t happen to have free wild thyme I can also use my essential oils to infuse dishes. I personally would only use doTERRA oils for ingestion / cooking, as lots of other essential oil brands are man made and very low quality.

I looked Thyme up in my books. It turns out the Egyptians used Thyme for embalming and in Greece it has been traditionally used to treat infectious disease.

Thyme has properties to support the respiratory system, the digestive system, the urinary system and the musculoskeletal system. It nourishes skin and hair as well.

Its quite a potent essential oil, so needs to be well diluted, especially for kids. Its best avoided in pregnancy and when having high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Thyme is highly antibacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial, a great antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic. Thyme can aid concentration, support you when experiencing Fatique to energize you and has uplifting effects.

I love using plant remedies for emotional support as well. My book Essential Emotions says this about Thyme: Its the oil of releasing and forgiving. Is a powerful emotional cleanser , especially for addressing trapped emotions and unresolved negativity. It addresses emotions, that close our hearts, like anger, hate, resentment and rage. It helps us to open our hearts and let go.

After finding the wild thyme I was so taken in by the smell I made myself a body oil with Thyme, Patchouli and Green Mandarin (just a couple of drops each) with almond and apricot kernel oil as the base oil. They are all not oils that I usually in my body oils, I intuitively choose the combination. Every now and then its nice to experiment with something different.

The next day I felt a lot of anger and wondering what caused those feelings I looked up the emotional properties of Thyme and sure enough it deals to anger… I used the body oil again the next day and had a very vivid dream about a traumatic experience with someone I was in love with a long time ago. I will use it for a few more days to see what else comes up. As with any other natural remedies, try not to get to obsessed with one of them. You should always alternate the use of oils. Thyme is a strong oil, so try it for a few days and then give it a break.

Its amazing how often we are intuitively guided towards the plants that help us to peel back the layers and create more well-being within our selves.

How do you use the plant or essential oil Thyme – curious to hear of your experiences.

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Essential Oil safety for pets

I have had a few messages querying about the safety of essentials oils for their pets, especially dogs and cats. We have a dog of our own, so I have done a bit more research and attach some articles & links for you to check out below.

Firstly if you diffuse essential oils at your home or use them topically (on skin) or aromatically (diffuser) make sure you use the purest oils you can find. Essential Oils are unregulated in most countries and lots of the cheap essential oils are just synthetic and toxic rip offs of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I only use doTerra essential oils as they monitor the plants from harvesting, ethical sourcing, to bottling, third party testing for toxins, pesticides etc. Lots of the waxmelts and cheaper oils are not only toxic for your pet but also for you.

Use essential oils for what they are – a healing modality – to support your and your families well being. You don’t have to have the diffuser running all day. Use them responsibly and mindfully. Short term usage (2-4 hours for specific purposes is enough) to calm or elevate moods, help the respiratory tract, get rid of yucky smells, germs etc.

If you have a pet and you diffuse oils, make sure they can leave the room if they want to and have windows open. Our dog is free to wander and we only have a diffuser in the living room and my office.

Dilution is essential – use water diffusers and only 2-3 drops in the diffuser if you have cats.

Cats seem to be more sensitive as dogs, because they lack a liver enzyme to process essential oils properly. So if you have a cat you might only want to diffuse when they are out and about and apply the oils to your skin with a roller bottle / inhale from your hand / use steam baths or real baths or in the shower for inhalation.

Our dog doesn’t seem to mind the diffuser, but we use doTerra oils, a water diffuser, I only use them short term and she is free to wander off if she wants to. I haven’t used essential oils on her topically. More reading can be done here:…/cats-essential-oil-safety/ You could also follow Janet Roak on Facebook or Instagram who is vet in the US who uses doTerra oils in her clinic. She has posted links on her facebook page about essential oil safety for cats recently and did a video live. Hope this helps to ensure your pets are safe.

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Aromatic Benefits of essential oils

I just love the aromatic benefits of essentials oils, when used in the diffuser or on diffusing jewellery. The sense of smell is our quickest sense. The olfactory glands in the nose will “transport” the microparticles of the essential oils to your limbic system of the brain. One of the functions of the limbic system of the brain is to regulate emotions. So its a very quick way to manage emotions & moods. Those microparticles arrive in your brain within seconds.

Even if I apply an essential oil to the skin for the topical use I always inhale as well to get both the physical and aromatic benefits. I also have several bracelets and necklaces with plain wooden and lava beads, which absorb the oils and can hold the scent for around 4 days with some oils.

With the diffusers, which produce cold steam, the essential oil micro particles can stay in the air for up to 2 hours after the diffuser finished. Also with the diffusers you don’t actually damage the properties of the essential oils, as they are not heated up like in the old tealight diffusers. The essential oils are heat and light sensitive, so you can use them in cooking and in the tealight diffusers but you might knock off some of the healing properties of the oils and only have the aroma left.

I am sharing a passage from Valerie Anne Worwood’s book “the fragrant mind”, who is a well known Aromatherapist: Hospitals and hospices need all the cheering up they can get, and essential oils are the perfect way to do it. Aside from the fact that they deodorize the clinical and organic smells, and make the place smell fresh and charming, they can (if you use the right ones) cut down cross-infections. Mr Fred Dale of Dale Air Products, who has twelve years experience in installing essential oil diffusion-systems in hospitals, museums and other public building, says that synthethic materials, when interacting with certain other smells, won’t get rid of those smells and you’ll end up with a worse smell than you started with.  Essential oils on the other hand work very well. And they have other benefits. At the Worcester Hospital in Hereford a six-month trial showed that vaporizing lavender through the air caused patients to sleep in a more natural pattern, and made them less aggressive during the day. More than that, over the six months, some patients were weaned off their tranquilizers – simply by substituting lavender in the atmosphere, which has a calming effect on the brain….. In Japan aroma diffusing systems with essential oils have shown an increase in productivity with office workers. Some aromas reduced typing errors up to 54% with Lemon Essential oil!

This is a passage from Nadine Artemis’ book “Renegade Beauty” The scientific findings of forest bathing teach us that it is beneficial for people to spend time in nature. Fortunately, phytoncides and essential oils share a similar constituent – those precious terpenes. Essential oils can provide forest therapy for us at home, every day, all year long regardless of the temperature or location. All essential oils are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti fungal, and they all have a concentration of a terpene. Forest bathe at home by filing it with these lovely, aromatic molecules by diffusing or steaming the particles into the air. There are thousands of articles and studies on the benefits of diffusing essential oils. They can help you sleep better, focus better, calm moods, uplift moods. You can also create aromatic anchors for example by diffusing a little Lavender when you get your baby to sleep. Baby will know Lavender means sleep time if you do it every time. That will carry on throughout their lives as they grow – they have an aromatic anchor of Lavender meaning sleep support. You can start creating new aromatic anchors anytime for yourself and your children. Here is a short extract of the emotional properties of essential oils from the book “Emotions & essential oils”:

  • Basil – Oil of Renewal. Brings strength to heart and relaxation to mind. Great for nervousness, anxiousness and despair. Strengthens adrenals, gives hope, helps in recovery from negative habits. Indicated for those who are weary in mind and body and in need of strength and renewal.
  • Bergamot – Oils of Self Acceptance. Helps to let go of self judgement and learn to love themselves unconditionally. Cleansing with stagnant feelings. Awakens hope.
  • Cedarwood – Oil of Community. Supports people who struggle to form bonds or social roots.
  • Cinnamon – Oil of Sexuality. Supports reproductive system and helps heal sexual issues.
  • Clary Sage – Oils of Clarity & Vision. Helps getting a clear vision & open to new ideas. Opening creative channels and clearing blocks.
  • Clove – Oil of Boundaries. Support in letting go of Victim Mentality. Helps to stand up for yourself, be proactive, feel capable and builds appropriate boundaries & defenses.
  • Copaiba – Oil of Unveiling. Copaiba offers assistance to those caught in lower vibrations of shame, blame , fear and self-loathing and other unconsciously internalized emotion. It summons them to begin the unraveling and restoration process process necessary for lasting healing and further awareness or inside.
  • Cypress – Oil of Motion & Flow. Cypress shows how to have perfect trust in the flow of life.
  • Eucalyptus – Oil of Wellness. Supports the person who constantly facing illness. Claiming wholeness and heal.
  • Fennel – Oil of Responsibility. Support if weakened sense of Self. Fennel reignites passion for life.
  • Geranium – Oil of Love & Trust. Fosters receptivity to human love and connection. Aids in healing broken heart. “The emotional Healer”
  • Ginger – Oil of Empowerment. Helps to be fully present and participate in life.
  • Grapefruit – Oil of honoring the body. Teaches true respect and appreciation for ones physical body. Helps when body image issues are present.
  • Jasmin – The oils of sexual purity and balance – helps with unresolved sexual trauma, sexual repression, sexual fixation, encourages safety within intimate relationships, invites purest intentions to the sexual experience.
  • Lavender – Oil of Communication. Lavender encourages honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires. .
  • Lemon – Oil of Focus. Nourishes mind aids concentration helps with Confusion, inability to focus lack of joy and energy.
  • Lemongrass – Oil of Cleansing. clears negative energy
  • Lime – Oil for Zest for Life. Dispels apathy and resignation
  • Majoram – Oil of Connection. If unable to trust others or form meaningful relationships
  • Manuka – Oil of being upheld. Powerful plant to heal and bless humanity. Manuka invites the heart to open and offers powerful healing energy to bind up wounds, soothe troubled hearts and nurture souls back into a state of centeredness. Helps transmuting suffering into transcendence.
  • Melaleuca – Oil of Energetic Boundaries. Clears negative energy baggage. Use if problems with parasitic or codependent relationships.
  • Neroli – oil of shared purpose and partnership. Unifying and stabilizing oil. Calming troubled hearts in relationship conflict. Promotes harmony in changing dynamics of long-term relationships. Neroli invites individuals to develop the character traits of fidelity, empathy, patience, forgiveness, and resilience to ease these relationship challenges.
  • Oregano – Oil of Humility & Non attachment. If overly attached, pride, opinionated.
  • Peppermint – Oil of a Buoyant Heart. To rediscover the joy of being alive.
  • Rose – the oil of divine love. Hold higher vibration than any other oil on the planet. Powerful healer of the heart.
  • Rosemary – Oil of Knowledge & Transition. Helps with focus, concentration & development of true knowledge & intellect.
  • Thyme – Oil of Releasing and Forgiving. Powerful cleanser of the emotional body & addressing trapped feelings
  • Wild Orange – Oil of Abundance. When struggling with scarcity mindset.
  • Ylang Ylang – Oil of the Inner Child. Supportive in emotional healing, releasing trauma from past. Restores playful & childlike nature and innocence.
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Enhancing Focus and Concentration with essential oils

doTERRA has a ready made Focus blend, called In Tune. It comes undiluted in a roller bottle, so as usual I open the original bottle and have 2 empty 10 ml rollers ready. I put one part each in the empty rollers, leaving 1 one part in the original bottle, then I top them all with Fractionated Coconut oil. So its a super reasonable oil, once diluted and ready to go.

One of my personal go to Diffuser blends is 2 drops each of Lemon, Rosemary and Wild Orange. Gets all your senses sharp and is uplifting as well.

My Aromatherapy Coffee Is equal amounts of Peppermint and Wild Orange with a bit of carrier oil, drop in your hand and inhale deeply or diffuse 4 drops each. I sometimes take and empty essential oil bottle and add 15 drops Wild Orange, 15 drops Peppermint and top with carrier oil. This way is ready to use whenever you need. Some people take 1 drop each undiluted in their hand and inhale. When working with other people I am always taking the pre-cautious approach of diluting for topical application.

I have recently purchased The Essential Life book and really love it. When I browsed through it the other day I came across a section with oils and recipes for Focus and Concentration and who doesn’t need more Focus and Concentration in a world that is so noisy? So here we go I will share a few: 

Motivation Power for Diffuser:
2 drops Basil
2 drops Grapefruit
1 drop Bergamot
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Rosemary
1 drop Ylang Ylang

Fidget Fixer in 10 ml roller bottle:
3 drops Cedarwood
6 drops Balance Blend
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Lavender

Fill up with Carrier Oil and roll behind ears, back of Neck, bottoms of feet or down the spine. 

Improved Concentration in 5 ml roller bottle:

2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Lavender
1 drop Roman Chamomile
1 drop Sandalwood
1 drop Vetiver

Fill up with Carrier Oil and roll behind ears, back of Neck, bottoms of feet or down the spine.

Calm and Confident in 10 ml roller bottle:

8 drops Vetiver
4 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Roman Chamomile
2 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Majoram
1 drop Ginger

Fill up with Carrier Oil and roll behind ears, back of Neck, bottoms of feet or down the spine.