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doTERRA quality

There is lots of talk in the media about essential oil safety at the moment, so I thought I would touch first on the doTERRA quality here. Because using a pure, unadulterated essential oil is the basis for safe usage. Adulterated essential oils and synthetic fragrance can cause allergies, skin reaction add to the toxic load in the body.

Firstly I would like to emphasise the doTERRA quality.

  • Each batch of doTERRA essential oil is undergoing over 50 tests in house and third party. This level of testing is unprecedented in the essential oil industry worldwide.
  • doTERRA is one of the few companies, who publish their third party test results for EVERY batch of essential oil publicly on the website Again this is unprecedented in this industry.
  • Their sourcing practices are sustainable and ethical. They work with many small scale farmers all around the world and in many developing countries. doTERRA provide fair, longterm income for those growers and distillers. Not only giving them an income, but also hope to improve their and their communities safety, longevity and lifestyles. doTERRA has many humanitarian projects all around the world. Again you can view a lot of information on
  • The Aromatic Plant Research Institute (APRC) has the largest database of essential oil testing and quality. They recently conducted a study of 50 well known essential oil brands in the USA. Only 3 of the 50 essential oil brands had unadulterated essential oils in the bottle. 47 of them put synthetic fillers in their bottle, mislabel bottles, have traces of insecticides or pesticides etc.!!! That is terrible. doTERRA is one of the 3 who was tested as pure, clean essential oil. The other 2 small boutique distilleries in the USA. Most companies put profit over people and that’s one of the reasons why people get reactions to essential oils – because most of them are toxic and impure.
  • They have purer and more potent quality even than most organic essential oils. They are just not certified, because they source worldwide and sell worldwide, with different organic regulations in every country for sourcing and selling this would almost be a task impossible to archieve. Read this from one of the founders Emily Wright:

Clarity on Organic + CPTG, from Emily Wright:

“Many of doTERRA’s essential oils are certified organic, others are ECOCERT, and some do not have any certification. Why? We source from many developing countries. The certification requirements and availability differ from country to country. Some countries don’t even have a certification offering.

“For example, it costs $2,500 for a grower to receive organic certification in Madagascar. This certification lasts two years. Most of the time, an inspector never even visits the farm to verify that they are, in fact, growing organically. The fee is what matters here. However, most of the growers in this impoverished country cannot afford the certification, although they are all growing by the same standards (pesticides and herbicides aren’t used in Madagascar).

“The reason doTERRA has chosen not to print “certified organic” or “ECOCERT” on our labels is because each lot has a different certification. Some of our Ylang Ylang may come in with organic certification; another lot may not have the certification – because one producer simply paid a fee to be certified organic, and another didn’t.

“The important distinction: these two lots meet the very same quality standards. They go through the same battery of tests, and are both certified to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fillers, synthetics, or added compounds. There is no difference in the quality or purity.

“When we say that our oils are better than organic, it is because we have the ability to see even the smallest synthetic component in each lot of oil. Our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade process was developed by the finest analytical scientists. If there is anything contained in the essential oil that was not produced by nature, it’s simply rejected.”

So the moral of the story is – I trust doTERRA oils 100%. Each bottle goes through rigorous testing from growing conditions to the distillation process, before the rawmaterials are purchased, again when they arrive in the country and all the way through until you receive it in your bottle. A pure plant essence that you can trust.

Don’t by any other oils is my recommendation, because as an individual it is almost impossible to figure out if its pure or not.

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