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DoTerra Essential Oils

I just love these oils. I received them a couple of weeks ago and have been using them heaps. They are the purest, cleanest essential oils in the world! And they source ethically, supporting lots of good community causes.

The last 2 nights I used the “Peace” Blend for Nina and I, which is just beautiful. Lets say we are just very similar and things can get a bit heated at times, so find some Peace after with beautiful smelling oils is great and Nina (my daughter) loves it. The Peace blend has Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Majoram, Labdanum and Spearmint in it. It is very potent and smells for the whole evening. All that is needed is 1 drop.

If you would like to browse through the oils or have more info on how to purchase them you can check out my website link below.

I order every month, so if you don’t like ordering online yourself I can order something in for you.

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1 month anniversary of Heartspace Yoga

I just realised that I missed my 1 month anniversary of opening the doors to my Heartspace yoga studio – 1 month and 3 days. I feel very humbled and so grateful for all your support. I really, really appreciate it. Because of you I am able to do what I love and its even better if you love what I do!

One of my beautiful clients nominated me for the 2017 NZ Exercise Industry Awards and left this anonymous feedback about me: “She inspired me to come back. It is that simple. I’ve tried yoga before and completely scared of the group fitness scenario. With Silke she made an instant connection,she is down to earth yet spiritual too. She connects with each person in the room and makes us all feel so welcome. I was lucky enough to meet her at a time when i really needed to. Her yoga sessions have provided the exact right amount of physical workout and peace for my mind.”

Whoever you are – thank you so much – that means a lot.

And thank you to my clients who have gone to the trouble to leave a review for me on facebook or sending their friends to try my sessions.

The studio was almost at capacity tonight with 9 people joining in the 7 pm yin session.

Thank you to you all – from my heart to yours. Sleep well x

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After the first 1.5 weeks of heartspace yoga I just had a bit of reflection today- the last 2 months have been a bit crazy always on the go preparing for the opening. In actual fact the last 2 years have been crazy in a good way after I decided with 41 I finally needed to do something professionally that means something to me in a deeper sense. I wanted to do something to create positive change, to bring healing to people, something I could be proud of, something that feeds my heart. There were 2 things on the list – 2 things I am really passionate about – Homeopathy and Yoga.

I choose the easy version to start with – Homeopathy – I could hide behind a computer and study, I would get a student loan to pay for it and i have been using it for many years in my own family. After 3 quarters of the year I realised it didn’t feel right – i felt a bit like a failure. Having taken up a student loan which now needed to be paid back etc etc. I finished my year with really good marks and an insight well worth and lots of knowledge on board that I can use in my personal life also I could tick it off my dream list.

So onto pondering where to from here after the 3 quarters I decided to go for the yoga option. I had been practicing regularly for over 10 years and I LOVED every second of it – BUT I was really shy and the thought of having to speak in front of people and sit in front of people just completely freaked me out, plus I didn’t have any money to pay for the teacher training. Well guess what – a reasonable and practically possible teacher training turned up in my facebook feed pretty much within a day of me making my mind up, a friend offered to loan me the money and off I went. So parallel to finishing my Homeopathy study I started studying for my yoga teacher training and man what a difference – every piece of information I could apply straight away in a practical way in my life. The study flowed easily – I loved it – I loved the intense immersion course – training every day 6 am until 9 pm. Although I was challenged in every way to step out of my comfort zone i loved it – a good sign I am on a right path.

It never ceases to amaze me how I am holding my self back or have been holding myself back for so many years due to limiting beliefs, fears, worry and self-doubt. If someone told me last year same time that I would be running my own yoga-room teaching almost everyday, meeting new people almost every day and mostly being confident and calm in doing so, sitting in front of full classes of people I have never seen before I would have declared them mad.

But here we go – I am doing it – I am learning to trust that I am capable, that I have something to give, that other people can benefit from what I teach / guide. It still feels sometimes as if I am in a parallel universe doing what I love, running my own “business” and creating something that I feel comfortable with, that I believe in – its AMAZING!

If you have a dream – go for it. If you carry fear, self-doubt, worry – kick yourself in the butt and do it anyway – god knows where it will take you, but if its meant to be and if you follow your heart – its mind blowing how things seem to fall into place – almost as if someone is laying out the paving for you while you walk while someone else keeps kicking your backside periodically to make sure you are still moving forwards.

Trust – go for dreams – always! The world needs it – right now. Follow your heart! Believe in yourself, flap those wings and soar!

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I like to rave if I have great experiences. So here it goes. I went to Helle Thomson & Line Bork’s Transformational Breath Workshop today and it was absolutely AMAZING! I have been using conscious breathing with my yoga practice for many years, but this was so different. I didn’t really know what to expect when I booked, I just wanted to fill my cup and was curious what this is about.

First I felt really uncomfortable, because I am so used to nose breathing and in this transformational breath workshop we breathed through the mouth. Then once I let go of my judgement I had the biggest emotional release ever. I have for many years tried to release emotional baggage from the past without much success and today it felt like I have been able to release a huge bolder of emotional crap. Helle and Line held the space beautifully and it was a truly transformational experience for me. I had often heard people speak about energy shifts and never really knew what this was about, but today I felt something big shift.

I usually feel quite heavy, I am kind of task oriented, a hard worker, way to serious about everything, feeling the weight of the world and have forgotten how to be light, silly and how to laugh properly. After the first session today, i felt really light, despite the big shift and the emotions that came with it. The second session was very different, it was more inspirational with thoughts and ideas coming in my head and feeling really connected to myself. I remembered why I am doing my yoga work – to support human connection – connection to self first of all and then connection to others, to our planet and to bring healing to individuals, to our community and our world. I felt at peace with myself and with what I am doing and I felt immensely grateful for all the beautiful things in my life and for being alive and being able to experience all that is.

I will be back to see Helle for a private session – I am hooked and I want to learn more, release more. We are very lucky to have Helle on our doorstep in Havelock North. So if you think you have emotional baggage / trauma, stress, addictions, anxiety, depression give transformational breath a go. It might not work the same for everyone and not everybody might have a big release on the first session like I did, but its certainly worth a go.

Thank you so much Helle & Line for the beautiful experience today and for providing space and sharing knowledge for healing to take place.

If you feel drawn to this Helle and Line are giving a 6 day retreat in April, another workshop in Gisborne or private sessions. You can contact Helle on [email protected] or 021-1049366.

I am immensely grateful for the experience today.