Essential Oils

I have created a dedicated website for my Essential Oil business. You can find lots of info and guidance on essential-oils.nz.

If you would like to purchase DoTerra oils there are the 4 options:

  • I have some selected items for sale at my yoga studio, including blends, roller and spray bottles. If you are local you are welcome to visit at a pre arranged time. (Hastings, NZ) I can also make up personalised blends to address emotional or physical ailments.
  • Purchase directly through my website  at retail price, by clicking on “shop” and following the instructions.
  • Purchase at wholesale price by clicking on “Join & Safe” by choosing “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate. There is a joining fee of $40 and you get 25% off retail price – no lock-ins, no need to regularly purchase. Every following year the renewal fee for the account is $30 with which you receive a free bottle of Peppermint oil.  If you purchase an enrollment kit, which I would recommend, your fee is being waved in the first year.
  • With the Wellness Advocate Account you have the ability to earn commissions & build your own business, but you don’t have to sell the product if you don’t want to.
  • doTerra have a Loyalty Rewards Program for costumers who order on a regular basis, but again there is absolutely no pressure to do so.

Please let me know if you would like to know more by e-mailing me silke@heartspace.nz or calling me on 021-104 56 66.

I am happy to catch up and explain it all to you in person or on skype. You can make your doTerra account what you want it to be.

This is my website link, from where you can purchase the oils or join the team: My DoTerra