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doTerra mood management essential oil kit

In this video I introduce the doTerra Mood Management Kit, which includes the essential oil blends Balance, Lavender Peace (its called Serenity in the USA), Elevation and Citrus Bliss. It is $150 wholesale price if you open your account with me and a beautiful kit to use in your diffuser and make roller bottles. All of these blends can help you balance moods and / or induce more positive feelings if you have feelings of anxiety and / or depression or just struggling with everyday demands. They are all beautiful blends to use on children too.

The Balance blend is already diluted with Fractionated Coconut oil so can be used straight on the skin, the other 3 are undiluted, so if applying to the skin dilute with a carrier oil first. I use approx. 20-25 drops of neat essential oil in a 10 ml rollerbottle for adults and half that for children. For babies just 1 drop in a 10 ml bottle is enough. In the diffuser I use 6 drops per diffuser load. When using blends on your skin, always check if they have citrus oils in them, as most citrus oils are photosensitive – meaning where you applied it to the skin you can get sunburn or dark pigmentation on the skin for 12-24 hours after application. You can roll under soles of feet or on places that are not exposed to sun (over heart / on belly / along spine).

I would not blend these blends with eachother, as the oils have already been formulated for specific purposes. I saw one lady who has been given a rollerbottle with 3 of these blendsĀ  mixed up in it, who actually cancel each other out with calming and uplifting properties. Its a bit like mixing too many colors when painting – it just turns brown.

Balance is the grounding blend – helps to calm & relax and ground if feeling scattered and unfocused, great blend for children before & after school

Lavender Peace is a nice blend before sleep or when you feel angry / upset and need calming.

Elevation – is the joyful blend and has a really uplifting aroma.

Citrus Bliss – is again a really uplifting blend. it also neutralizes yucky smells in the house, can be added to cleaning products or just a nice blend in the diffuser for the morning if you find it hard to get going or in winter when the weather is a bit depressing.

You can purchase these oils through my doTerra website HERE. The kit with all 4 oils is $150 wholesale price. To open your own account and receive 25% off the products is a one off joining fee of $40, which is waived if you sign up with one of the enrolment kits and then you could just add the Mood Management Kit to that.

If you have any questions please contact me on [email protected] or 021-104 56 66.