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doTERRA spare bottles for sale

I just sorted, refilled and took stock of my oils collection and I have a few spares I am happy to sell on. Feel free to message me if you are interested in one or more of them. Happy to consider Koha offers or swapsies. One of my goals in the holiday’s is to clear out and narrow down. These are all unopened new bottles.
ARBORVITAE – The Tree of Life, 5 ml, $40
Emotional: peaceful, surrender, grounded, trusting, relaxed, grace
Has been used in rituals and ceremonies,
Emotional Balance, Respiratory System support, nourishing for the skin
THYME, 15 ml, $55.50
Emotional: Releasing & forgiving, tolerant, patient, openhearted, understanding
1 well diluted drop over heartchakra, well diluted with carrier oil under soles of feet when unwell.
Supports Immune system, tonic for Nerves, uplifting
can be used to flavor dishes (just dip toothpick in top of bottle and stir through dish)
Needs to be very well dilutes – this bottle will last for a very long time.
MARJORAM, 15 ml, $38.50
Emotional: Open & connected, close relationships, softhearted, loving, ability to trust
I use a diluted drop over heartchakra and mix with a carrier oil when body feels sore and stiff.
Supports joints, helps with stiffness, supports respiratory system
can be used to flavor dishes (just dip toothpick in top of bottle and stir through dish)
Needs to be very well dilutes – this bottle will last for a very long time.
EUCALYPTUS, 15 ml, $26
Emotional: ability to heal, whole integrous, well, liberated, encouraged, responsible.
I love putting a drop of this oil on my drybrush. I also like to put 1 drop in my hand and inhale before yoga or breathwork.
Affinity with respiratory system and skin, can help relax muscles
ON GUARD, 15 ml, $52
Emotional: protective, healthy boundaries, capable, integrity, independent, reinforced, strenghtened
I roll this over my chakra line sometimes before and after I do energy work on others, because I am so sensitive and often take on other peoples energy. I always use this when I feel something is coming on – over my throat, on pulse points under feet. This always comes with me when travelling. Great in diffuser as well if things are going around in the family. I use the toothpaste, the Multipurpose cleaner, the Throat Drops etc. Swear by the On Guard products.
These are little beadlets with a tiny amount of the oil. I personally find them too strong in my mouth. I sometimes use a peppermint beadlet to cleanse my breath other a meal if I see a client.
CLARY SAGE, 15 ml, $68
Emotional: Spiritual clarity, intuitive, open-minded, imaginative, spiritually discerning
You can’t use this while pregnant, can bring on labor!
Great for female complaints – Affinity with Hormonal System
TEA TREE (Melaleuca), 15 ml, $32
Emotional: energetic boundaries, healthy and respectful connections, empowered, resilient, safe
This is a practical oil for me. I use to clean, a drop in the dishwasher and washing machine regularly to kill off any yucky stuff. I also put it on pimples and around wounds.
ICE BLUE, 5 ml, $50
Emotional: Resisting pain, avoiding emotional issues, panicked, fearful, wounded, unhealed
I use the Ice Blue range of products regularly when sore after exercising. Lots of people who go to the Gym also use beforehand. Great for any aches and pains.
MOTIVATE TOUCH,  10 ml roll on bottle x 2,  $27.50 each – 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT
Emotional: Motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energized, confident
This is a nice citrussy, uplifting natural perfume.
LAVENDER TOUCH, 10 ml roll on bottle x 2, $25 each
Emotional: Open communication calm, expressive, emotional honesty, self-aware, peace of mind.
This is a calming natural perfume. I use this when I have head tension around the hairline. Lots of people find it helpful for sleep support or to calm anxious feelings. Lavender is the swiss army knife of essential oils.
COPAIBA TOUCH, 10 ml roll on bottle, $37.50 – SOLD
Emotional: Worthy, self-aware, clarity, forgiven, redefinition of self, purposeful existence.
This is a tree resin, much like Frankincense and Myrrh. Has been used in spiritual ceremonies. Physically great affinity with Nerves. Its calming. I sometimes apply over third Eye and Crown Chakra in my yoga practice. Also use this for inflammation or pain.
If you have any questions or need more info, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.
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