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I don’t have many “bad habits” anymore these days, but there is one “drug” I have difficulty giving up. COFFEE. I love coffee, it tastes so good, it gives me comfort, its a ritual of sitting down and really enjoying it. And I do enjoy it, however I know my body doesn’t particularly feel the same.

Here is a good article from our local nutrition guru Ben Warren. Libby Weather also touches on the effects of coffee in her book “The rushing Woman’s Syndrome”.…/what-need-know-about-coffee

I only have one to two per day, but I know it is an addiction, because I am finding it so hard to give it up or not have it. I know my addictive behavior patters because I used to be a chain smoker. I went cold turkey 5 days before my 30th birthday and replaced smoking with jogging. It was extremely hard to give up and it took me years to manage the moments when I really wanted to reach for a cigarette.

It is important to firstly acknowledge our addictive behaviors and then see if we can manage intake and eventually give up the habit.

I found with smoking it was not so much the nicotine, but the habits and routines of when I used to smoke. So its a good idea to change the habits and routines into healthy ones and have your support crew around you cheering you and making the giving up public might help to hold yourself accountable.

Photo credit: Tim Whittaker Photography.

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an excerpt from which I love:

As an analogy, we can compare Yoga to that of the ocean; as a vast body of water; endless and eternal. In the ocean all is one and never separate though there are often waves. We can compare these waves to the human birth and the ego that makes us feel we are separate to others. As soon as we feel this separation we suffer all the limitations and fear of associating ourselves with the individualised body and mind, of being the wave and not the ocean. There are many waves but they are never separate from the ocean, and it is only due to karma/maya we (the body and mind) assume the form of waves.


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Book recommendation

I am just reading this book – only in the first chapter but already hooked.

Wanted to share this:

I never feel more given to
than when you take from me –
when you understand the joy I feel
giving to you.
And you know my giving isn’t done
to put you in my dept,
but because I want to live the love
I feel for you.
To receive with grace
my be the greatest giving.
There’s no way I can separate the two
When you give to me,
I give you my receiving.
When you take from me,
I feel so given to.

“Given to” 1978 by Ruth Bebermeyer from the album Given to.

When we give from the heart, we do so out of the joy that springs forth whenever we willingly enrich another person’s life. This kind of giving benefits both the giver and the receiver. The receiver enjoys the gift without worrying about the consequences that accompany gifts given out of fear, guit, shame, or desire for gain. The giver benefits from the enhanced self-esteem that results when we see our efforts contributing to someone’s well-being.

Non Violent Communication Summary:

NVC helps us connect with each other and ourselves in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish. It guides us to reframe the way we express ourselves and listen to others by focusing our consciousness on four areas: what we are observing, feeling and needing, and what we are requesting to enrich our lives. NVC fosters deep listening, respect, and empathy and engenders a mutual desire to give from the heart. Some people use NVC to respond compassionately to themselves, some create greater depth in their personal relationships, and still others to build effective relationships at work or in the political area. Worldwide, NVC is used to mediate disputes and conflicts at all levels.

Filipa Hope gives courses on NVC in Hawk’es Bay, so if you feel drawn to this please get in touch with her. Its on my to list once I find a course that fits in my schedule. But this book is a good start.

I really think this should be taught in school.

Thank you Sandra Witzel for inspiring me to buy it! xxx

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A few years back I pondered to have a personal blog, because I had the urge to start writing and share my journey. After searching for a bit I found the Sanskrit term “Swadharma”. I love the sanskrit language, because it is so meaningful. I have stopped that blog now, as it all merges in with my yoga journey. I have decided to call my yoga journey “heartspace” because thats what it all comes back to – connecting with our hearts. But I still love “Swadharma”. Just tidying up again in the office and came across the paper that I printed many years ago with the meaning of Swadharma:

“When we do something without authenticity, just to show off to another person, that is when we feel fear. But wen we do something that is authentic, from the heart, then there is no fear. This is what swadharma is – that action which is in harmony with your true nature. ” Sri Sri

I am so grateful and happy to have finally found my swadharma – being a mum, being a wife, engaging in my community in a positive way, teaching yoga and teaching about essential oils to help people feel better. So, so grateful to all the people who have helped me on this journey! Thank you!

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Kirtan & filing paperwork

I have pretty much spent the whole day today filing paperwork and listened to my favourite Kirtan songs to cheer me up. If you don’t know what Kirtan is here is a beautiful description a friend of mine has sent me. It is one of my favourite yoga practices and you can often find me chanting away at home.

I thought I would share one of my all time favourite Kirtan songs with you from Shantala – Baba Hanuman. If you have spotify you can listen to it there too.

“Kirtan, the singing or chanting of sacred mantras, or Transcendental Sound, is an easy yet sublime method of yoga meditation that has been practiced since time immemorial. It is the recommended process for self-realization in the modern age and has the gradual effect of cleansing your heart and mind, helping you to awaken and cultivate your inherent wisdom and spiritual love.”

If you are interested to explore Kirtan, please let me know and I can forward some details to you. There is a local group who meets once per month to sing Kirtan songs. It is a really healing and heart opening practice.

When I first started listening to Kirtan I listened to lots of Deva Premal – Doris Blum from Breathe Yoga intruduced me to it many many years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

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from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “How to relax””

In order to be happy, we need first of all to let go of our ideas of happiness; we think that we must have this or that to be happy, or that we have to eliminate this or that to be happy. We think that we have to have certain conditions: We have to have this house or this care that person to live with us so that we can be happy. We have these ideas of happiness. If we haven’t been able to be happy and joyful, it’s because we’re caught in our ideas. So we have to be able to let them go. Our idea of happiness is the main obstacle to happiness.

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This is one of my favourite yoga poses. It is a great one to do right before bed. You can also experiment with putting your legs in butterfly position with the soles of the feet together or relax both legs out the side.

It is really beneficial if you are struggling to go to sleep at night or want to relief stress while the baby is having a nap, or just because you can. You can stay in the pose for 5-20 minutes or for as long as it feels good.

You could also implement a pranayama like Kumbhaka Breath, Ujjayi Breath or deep belly breathing.

Below is an article which describes the benefits and variations of the pose really well.

Try to get some Viparita Karani or if you come a bit early to the next yoga session you can try this until we start.

You could also apply some relaxing essential oils on your wrists, on your neck and on soles of the feet in this pose if you need calming (doTerra Lavender, Lavender Peace, Peace Blend or Salubelle)

Keep warm and cosy everyone.

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