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FEAR in watercolours

This is one drawing I did a few months ago. Its one of the ways how I visualise Fear.

Fear has been such a strong presence in my life and I am still struggling to manage it often. Fear has been following me around and stuck on me like one of those seeds with the sticky hooks that you hardly get out of your clothes.

Fear builds up for me too, sometimes into a really big wall, one scary, worrying thought stacked on top of the other and when I was younger I would just give up, once that wall of fearful thoughts got too high.

Staying in my “safe” zone did make me depressed though, so I had to make scary moves and I learned that the wall really isn’t there. Its imaginary, social conditioning, subconscious behaviors and traumas, the monkey mind playing games, other peoples opinions and judgements etc. Yet most of the good stuff is on the other side of the wall. Doing that drawing is a good reminder for me to pull that wall down and and get to the good stuff on the other side.

I would love to hear how you experience and visalise fear and what presence it has in your life.

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