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Tibetan Soundbowls


This just happened. I just bought a whole set of 12 beautiful hand made genuine Tibetan Sound bowls to learn playing and implement into my yoga sessions – guided by my beautiful friend & angel Chrystal Nathal who fluttered into my life so unexpectedly.

I love, love, love the sound Tibetan Soundbowls and so excited about the learning, growing and sharing this healing facility soon, once I am brave enough to use them in public.

My heart is thumping, jumping and expanding. Thank you so much Chrystal for your inspiration, for sharing your beautiful gift, your gentle nature and your generosity in helping others.

Maybe they will be here next week, just in time for my first anniversary at Heartspace Yoga on the 20th February….

Excited and scared at the same time – as usual when I take big leaps of faith and trust.

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