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Whipped Body Cream

This body cream is really well absorbed into the skin and not as greasy as plain oil. Here is the recipe:

75 g Shea butter (I have also used Coconut Butter when I didn’t have Shea – works as well)

75 g Extra virgin, organic Coconut oil

50 g Carrier Oil (Almond, Jojoba, Macadamia – anything you fancy really)

Add essential oils of your choice – between 25 – 35 drops

I use 10 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Mhyrr, 5 drops Manuka, 5 Geranium, 5 Lavender, 1 Blue Tansy. You don’t need to be super fancy with your essential oil selection. I have a big selection, so make the most of it, using a variety. But you could just use a mix of Lavender and Frankincense or just one oil. I try to avoid using Citrus oils in my body and face creams, due to their sun / photo sensitivity.

Add the Shea Butter, Cococonut Oil, Carrier Oil to a metal bowl and place over pot with steaming water to melt gently.

Once melted let cool down on bench and once coolish drop your essential oils in. Essential oils are heat sensitive, so you don’t want to loose their healing properties by dropping them into the hot base.

Put in fridge and cool down until almost solidified. It needs to feel thick and firm when touched

Use electric hand mixer to whip until it looks like whipped cream (most ingredients are edible, but don’t be tempted šŸ˜‰

Fill into sealable glass jars (not plastic) and let set. Mine got really hard over night. In summer it can transition back to liquid consistency. You can still use it, it just doesn’t look as pretty.

This recipe was adapted from the book “The inspired little book” by Krissy Ballinger.



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