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This is one of my favourite yoga poses. It is a great one to do right before bed. You can also experiment with putting your legs in butterfly position with the soles of the feet together or relax both legs out the side.

It is really beneficial if you are struggling to go to sleep at night or want to relief stress while the baby is having a nap, or just because you can. You can stay in the pose for 5-20 minutes or for as long as it feels good.

You could also implement a pranayama like Kumbhaka Breath, Ujjayi Breath or deep belly breathing.

Below is an article which describes the benefits and variations of the pose really well.

Try to get some Viparita Karani or if you come a bit early to the next yoga session you can try this until we start.

You could also apply some relaxing essential oils on your wrists, on your neck and on soles of the feet in this pose if you need calming (doTerra Lavender, Lavender Peace, Peace Blend or Salubelle)

Keep warm and cosy everyone.

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