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The Journey not the Destination

Wow – the last 2 weeks of my yoga teacher training immersion have been truly mind-blowing for me. Now I will do teaching sessions with small groups to get my 200 hour yoga teacher certification and I am very excited to do the first steps on my journey as a yoga teacher. Although I already realise that the learning will never be finished and that I have only really scatched the surface.

When I set off I was nervous & excited, when I arrived and viewed the schedule for the first time I was overwhelmed and doubtful and when I left after 2 weeks I wondered what the heck has just happened in such a short time – so much peeling back, stepping right out of my comfort zone, getting more confident & brave and feeling empowered by the shared journey with 16 other beautiful and brave souls.

The main lesson that I learned and knew theoretically before, but only just really experienced for the first time is: It is the journey that has to be enjoyable – not the destination. I might never make it to the destination or might not even like it once I am there. For the first time I experienced doing something in a professional path where I enjoyed every single second of it – although it was hard, full on & pushing me at times – I loved all of it. Bugger the destination – I have no real clue where this is going to take me or if I can support our family income with teaching yoga, but I very well know now, that I really want to do something that makes my heart sing when I do it. Our lives are so short – I really don’t want to waste anymore time doing things that don’t make me feel good.

The second main lesson I learned is that self care is sooo important. Something I thoroughly neglected for way too long. After the 2 weeks of 6 am to 9 pm sessions every day I felt so good, full of energy, rested, strong, clean & clear. I had no responsibilities for 2 weeks (thanks to my amazing husband – you are the bestest hubby I could wish for – love you to the moon and back) and it felt so good to just be me and not worry about anything else. I didn’t realise how tired I really was and how many things I do every day when I am home. The first thing that was really clear to me when I came back, was that our boundaries with the kids, especially with our temperamental daughter were blurred. We started to be firmer and stand by our word, which feels better for us and she will eventually learn that we mean what we say. Being a push over is draining not kind.

Also doing yoga every day at least 3 times in sessions made my body and mind strong, so I have the firm commitment to myself to keep up a self practice first thing in the morning on workdays, so I have a good kick start in the day and maintain the strength that I build in those 2 weeks.

We were lucky enough to be provided a healthy, nutritious vegetarian meal every night by the very knowledgable Linda Ross from Earthheart Nourishment It was so nice to have an unplanned detox. I didn’t cook a single thing apart from Coffee (organic and fair trade of course!), had heaps of fresh fruit and raw vegies with hummus, lots of water, no alcohol, no meat, no processed stuff, no fast food and plenty of good supplements and peaceful meals with no one complaining about what I cook. Back home and the treat foods, a fish & chips and Buerger Fuel meal, Crepes (with flour and eggs, which I am sensitive to) have made their way back into my stomack in the first 4 days and I feel bloated again and tired. Time to review what I want to put into my body and how it makes me feel.

Digital detox was a huge learning curve for me. Running the online groups “you made my day – Hawke’s Bay” and “Coming together” naturally I am online several times per day. While I was on the course I barely had time to get in touch with my family and no time at all to scroll through the endless Facebook feeds, think up new things to do to connect community and safe the planet, or worry about other peoples problems so much. It is draining to take in that much information all day – time to reflect what I really need & want to know about and how often I really need to go online. I am wasting too much time doing things that are not really necessary.

A friend told me that I have to learn put on my oxygen mask first and then help others to put on theirs – something I have not really done in the last few years.

So now onto implementing all the wisdom in my life. expanding and experiencing the knowledge and passing it onto others.

Feeling immensely grateful and happy right now.

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