Specials & Freebees


  • Every month doTERRA offers specials, sometimes only for people on the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) sometimes to everyone. More info on the Loyalty Rewards Program is HERE.
  • October brings us the extention of a beautiful 200 PV with 3 special edition oils, that you usually can’t purchase. BUT only until the 15th October. Red Mandarin, Lemon Myrtle and Citrus Bloom with a combined value of approx. $130 wholesale that you receive entirely free of charge with any new enrolment order, Loyalty Rewards Order or one time standard order in September. More info on this promo is HERE.
  • You receive 10% of the doTERRA Refreshing Spa Body Wash, which also makes a perfect bubble bath for kids, according to my friend Jade Grimwood. More info on this special HERE.
  • The free product of the month is a 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil with every Loyalty Rewards Order over 125 PV which is placed by the 15th of the month.  This special does not apply to one time standard orders (only LRP orders). I use Cedarwood for sleep diffuser blends, sleep topical blends, can be used under soles of feet for grounding or in body butters, face creams etc. for soothing the skin. More info on this special HERE.
  • There is also a special enrolment promo this month. If you purchase for a minimum of 100 PV this month and set up a Loyalty Rewards order for next month for 100 PV also you will Receive Yarrow Pom automatically with your second order in November. Yarrow Pom I use on a daily basis on my face – its like a natural botox and can also be taken internally in vegi caps. Yarrow has been a herb that has been traditionally used for many centries for a diverse range of ailments and its one of my favorite oils. More info on this speical HERE.
  • This month from the 1st october you can purchase the convention kit for a limited time and save money on purchasing all new products in a package. The Convention pack has a PV of 200 so would qualify for the 200 PV USA special of receiving Copaiba Softgels, Copaiba 15ml oil and a 5 ml Yellow Mandarin absolutely free. If you order this as an LRP order by the 15th of the month you also receive a 15 ml Clementine oil free of charge as well. I don’t usually promote USA specials but this month this is a great deal and value. More info on this speical HERE. More info on the new products HERE.


  • If you purchase product worth over $150 you receive the Modern Essentials Book free of charge, which is my essential oil bible.
  • Every new customer also receives 2 empty roller bottles so you are able to start making your own blends.
  • You will receive a  free 1 hour consult with me, either in person or online so I can guide you how to use your essential oils and products safely and efficiently.
  • You will receive a free ITOVI scan, which is a galvanic skin response scanner to determine which oils and supplements your body is asking for.
  • You will have my personal ongoing support and also the support of our worldwide team in our online forums.
  • You will receive access to online forums to connect with other essential users and share experiences / learn from each other
  • You will receive access to Elena Brower’s website Essential Practice, which is jam-packed full with free learning resources and only accessible for people on our team