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This whole week I have been talking about the root chakra in my yoga sessions and how life can blow us over easily if we don’t work on grounding ourselves, growing deep roots, that can hold us up in a storm…

and this morning on my walk I see this tree in my favorite park as if to illustrate what I have been talking about all week.

Here is the reading again I shared in sessions this week from the book “The wheels of Life” by Anodea Judith:

“Just as our houses are homes for our bodies, our body is home for our spirit. While attention may wander to distant places, we still return to the same bundle of flesh and bones throughout the entirety of our life. As our body interacts with the world, it becomes our personal microcosm of that world.

The task of mastering the first chakra is ultimately to understand and heal the body. Learning to accept the body, feel it, validate it, love it – these are the challenges that await us here.”

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