Sound Healing & Reiki 1 hour in person session


Sound Healing & Reiki 1 hour in person session



These sessions are currently only available on Saturday mornings. Please e-mail Silke on [email protected] or text on 021 – 161 43 40 to book your session.

In this session you will receive Reiki Healing and Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. I also use some Essential Oils on some Acu/Chakra points during the session.

The session is done fully clothed. Please wear something you feel comfortable in that is non-restricting. Make sure you take any electronic devices, such as smartwatches, fitbits etc. off before the session.

If you would like to address any specific issues, you are welcome to e-mail me beforehand [email protected] or we can discuss before the session.
Please also let me know should you be pregnant, have a pacemaker (Tibetan Singing Bowls on the body are not recommended for people with pacemakers) or have any significant disease I need to be aware of.
There is the option to do Reiki hands on or hands off  – e.g. touching on the body (head, shoulders, arms, hips, belly, legs etc.) or just hovering above the body. If you prefer not to be touched, please let me know before the session. I tend to do a mix of hands on / hands off.
If you need to cancel, please let me know at least 48 hours before the appointment, so I can try and rebook the spot. For cancellations 48 – 24 hours before the appointment 50% off the fee is payable, less than 24 hours 70% off the fee is payable.



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