2022 BALM


A balm I created for these strange times – I call it my 2022 BALM.

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I have made some more of the nourishing foot balm that I created for these strange times. I call it my “2022 balm”.

The base is organic shea & cocoa butter, extra virgin sweet almond oil and NZ beeswax. The oils have been specifically chosen to nourish, ground, protect, provide strength, cleanse negative energy and uplift.

Within Hawke’s Bay pick up could be arranged or can send it anywhere with additional postage.

The balm is sun sensitive due to the Wild Orange, so don’t apply to skin that is exposed to the sun for the next couple of days. And the dilution is for adults only.

Frankincense – the King of Oils, used for centuries. The oil of truth (enlightened, loved, protected, wisdom, spiritually open) Myrrh – another ancient oil, that is a thick, resiny tree oil. It feels very grounding and stabilising to me. The oil of mother earth (safe in the world, healthy attachments, trusting, bonding, maternal connection, nurtured, loved, secure, grounded) Copaiba – a tree resin again, similar to Cannabis Oil, traditionally used by Shamans. The Oil of unveiling (worthy, self aware, clarity, forgiven, redefinition of self, purposeful existence) Helichrysum – I always have this oil in my first aid kit, but I also use it for emotional wounds. And I think it’s a very gentle oil to address the collective trauma we are all experiencing in one way or another. I often apply this oil over my heartspace. (healing, courageous, hopeful, transforming, persevering, determined). Cardamom – this oil gives me comfort & warmth – it feels like a big hug to me. It’s the oil of Objectivity (self control, respectful, tolerant, patient, mental sobriety) Lemon Eucalyptus – this is a great cleansing oil for me. It’s the Oil of protected space (self contained, reinforced, protected, clear boundaries) Wild Orange – this represents lightness and happiness to me (the light at the end of the tunnel). To uplift after the grounding. Wild Orange is the Oil of Abundance.


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