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pre perceived body shapes to do yoga – asanas / postures

In my very first yoga lesson a lady asked me if it would be helpful to have a figure like mine to be able to do the postures. The answer is a clear NO.

I have seen many people with a thin body shape who have difficulty with flexibility. Its not a question of body shape. When we do yoga regularly our bodies become more flexible no matter what shape we are. On top of that all our bodys are constructed so differently. In my anatomy lessons we looked at different bone structures and assessed each other’s bodies and the movement we could get. We realised that some of us would probably never be able to sit in Lotus position, because our bone structure will not allow that movement, no matter how hard we try.

So I think the main thing in yoga is to respect your body, listen to what it tells you, not to push yourself too hard, avoid pain, leave the ego at the door and make it an internal practice that suits your body, don’t compare yourself to others, and delete any pre-conceived ideas from glossy magazines or fancy facebook-post-postures of people with legs wrapped behind their ears.

Yoga can be for anybody – it can be very simple and super efficient in that simplicity.

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