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I have recently been given the opportunity to be part of a Mentorship programme, called Elevate / Practice You by Elena Brower. Her new journal Practice You is the base of the mentorship program and I thought I would openly share the 1st page of the journal. I would highly recommend to get this journal and work your way though the prompts in each chapter. Here is part of what I have shared in the private facebook forum of the Mentorship program, to perhaps inspire someone else to walk themselves home:

I recognize how some pages I just want to go past, because they feel uncomfortable. It will be a journey longer than 3 weeks, I already know that.

For me my most important assignment is how to look after myself properly. I am 43 now, mama of a 7 and 10 year old, I run my own yoga & essential oil business and help my husband in his photography business – my body is not as willing anymore to put up with being neglected or overworked. For many years I have made it a priority to look after others, to nourish them, to make them feel good. I think the time has come that it has to be the first priority to look after myself – I have been running on an empty tank for too long.

I think part of this is even going down deeper, trying to give everything of myself so that others love me, looking for recognition deep down, to feel that sense of belonging even.

Many years ago when I left Germany so desperately unhappy & heartbroken, completely lost in this world, so the only thing I could do was throw everything away that I had worked to hard for, grab my backpack and try to figure out what this life is all about. I realised that I can’t make anybody love me, unless I love myself – I had no selfrespect and selflove at that stage at all whatsoever. I realised that my home has to be in my heart, and then I can be home everywhere. But still there is much to learn. I can only look after others, nourish others, if I look after myself and nourish myself – without guilt.

I still struggle with subconscious feelings of unworthiness in all areas of my life, with guilt, shame, lots of not being good enough.

It is a very uncomfortable journey to walk home to my heart, to break all the walls down I have built around it over the years, but the best journey I have ever taken. I am coming heart, I walk steadily and patiently!


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