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I like to rave if I have great experiences. So here it goes. I went to Helle Thomson & Line Bork’s Transformational Breath Workshop today and it was absolutely AMAZING! I have been using conscious breathing with my yoga practice for many years, but this was so different. I didn’t really know what to expect when I booked, I just wanted to fill my cup and was curious what this is about.

First I felt really uncomfortable, because I am so used to nose breathing and in this transformational breath workshop we breathed through the mouth. Then once I let go of my judgement I had the biggest emotional release ever. I have for many years tried to release emotional baggage from the past without much success and today it felt like I have been able to release a huge bolder of emotional crap. Helle and Line held the space beautifully and it was a truly transformational experience for me. I had often heard people speak about energy shifts and never really knew what this was about, but today I felt something big shift.

I usually feel quite heavy, I am kind of task oriented, a hard worker, way to serious about everything, feeling the weight of the world and have forgotten how to be light, silly and how to laugh properly. After the first session today, i felt really light, despite the big shift and the emotions that came with it. The second session was very different, it was more inspirational with thoughts and ideas coming in my head and feeling really connected to myself. I remembered why I am doing my yoga work – to support human connection – connection to self first of all and then connection to others, to our planet and to bring healing to individuals, to our community and our world. I felt at peace with myself and with what I am doing and I felt immensely grateful for all the beautiful things in my life and for being alive and being able to experience all that is.

I will be back to see Helle for a private session – I am hooked and I want to learn more, release more. We are very lucky to have Helle on our doorstep in Havelock North. So if you think you have emotional baggage / trauma, stress, addictions, anxiety, depression give transformational breath a go. It might not work the same for everyone and not everybody might have a big release on the first session like I did, but its certainly worth a go.

Thank you so much Helle & Line for the beautiful experience today and for providing space and sharing knowledge for healing to take place.

If you feel drawn to this Helle and Line are giving a 6 day retreat in April, another workshop in Gisborne or private sessions. You can contact Helle on [email protected] or 021-1049366.

I am immensely grateful for the experience today.

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