Online Yoga classes

At the moment I am living with my family on our sailing yacht “Polykandros”, based in the Mediterranean. We have a youtube channel and Patreon platform to earn a bit of income while we travel. Every week we put 1 video up from our sailing adventure and we try to add a weekly bonus video with my yoga teaching. Those sessions are available open ended, so you can re-watch them anytime. I teach a mix of gentle and intuitive Hatha Yoga, totally relaxing Yin Yoga and a fusion of Hatha and Yin. The sessions are recorded by Tim, my husband on board our sailboat or wherever the mat lands. You can join our Patreon channel and get access to my yoga sessions from as little as 2 USD / week. The money is deducted once per month and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

I will link a few free sample sessions below for you to try and if you would like to support us on our journey and get access to more yoga sessions, please click HERE to subscribe. We really appreciate your support.