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I don’t have many “bad habits” anymore these days, but there is one “drug” I have difficulty giving up. COFFEE. I love coffee, it tastes so good, it gives me comfort, its a ritual of sitting down and really enjoying it. And I do enjoy it, however I know my body doesn’t particularly feel the same.

Here is a good article from our local nutrition guru Ben Warren. Libby Weather also touches on the effects of coffee in her book “The rushing Woman’s Syndrome”.…/what-need-know-about-coffee

I only have one to two per day, but I know it is an addiction, because I am finding it so hard to give it up or not have it. I know my addictive behavior patters because I used to be a chain smoker. I went cold turkey 5 days before my 30th birthday and replaced smoking with jogging. It was extremely hard to give up and it took me years to manage the moments when I really wanted to reach for a cigarette.

It is important to firstly acknowledge our addictive behaviors and then see if we can manage intake and eventually give up the habit.

I found with smoking it was not so much the nicotine, but the habits and routines of when I used to smoke. So its a good idea to change the habits and routines into healthy ones and have your support crew around you cheering you and making the giving up public might help to hold yourself accountable.

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