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I receive two inspirational e-mails every day that I almost always read. This one is from the Brahma Kumaris in London. A friend of mine lived there and introduced me to their teachings. I love, love, love their mindsmacks in my inbox:

“Most of us think too much, especially about events and people, local and global, famous and not so famous. When we are always thinking about what is happening on the surface of life, the visible, then it is as if we are living a superficial life. Deep down inside there is a voice, a longing, a calling to depth. It’s our heart, reminding us to visit, explore and express the depths of our ourselves. Going deep and being deep requires time spent in solitude, some periods of introversion and a conversation with ourselves. How on earth will we ever see what is in our heart unless we dive deep inside, switch on the light and look. Those who do will tell you it changes everything. What do they see? Simple, only beauty and truth. They are always there, waiting for us to return. Waiting to welcome us and to introduce ourselves to ourself.”

How to dive deep – yoga, meditation, mindfulness, awareness, kindness – join us at heartspace yoga. We are diving deep every week.

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