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Fascia & Life

As most of you know in yin yoga especially we work intensively on the fascia, one of the most prominent tissues in our body. Its a bit like a spiderweb holding our whole body together. It encases organs, muscles, its around joints, bones etc. Through the fascia go water-rich channels and most of those channels match with energy meridians that are stimulated in Acupuncture or Acupressure.

If we stimulate the Fascia in one place, it has follow on effects throughout the whole body, because the Fascia is connected throughout the body.

We need to stimulate those tissues, because if there is too little stimulation then the tissue degenerates and if we stimulate it too much (over-exercising, repetitive movements for example) then there is deterioration, so we need to find balance as to how much is a good stimulation.

When I was flying back yesterday from the course I had the thought, that we really not only have a body fascia, but also an energetic fascia that connects us all to all that is. Every decision in our life, every move has a flow on effect for us and others. If we don’t stimulate ourselves intellectually, spiritually, creatively, then there is degeneration of that area, if we are overstimulated, then there is deterioration. Sometimes we need to contact, sometimes we need to stretch and sometimes we just need to stay in neutral. It is also a fun thing to reflect how everything you do, say and even think has a flow on effect for others.

I really feel like I have stimulated and stretched not only my bodily fascia but also my energetic fascia over the last week, learning lots of new things, meeting new people, being inspired, being out of my comfort. Now I am slowly contracting again, back in my comfort to digest the information and experiences until I am ready to stretch and stimulate again.

Thank you to Yin Therapy Karin & Markus for the fabulous course and thank you to my fellow yoginis and yogis – so nice to connect with you. Thank you to my family for supporting me to go away and thank you to my students for supporting me to be able to do what I do. Grateful!

Wishing you a good week. x

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