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Excerpt from Renegate Beauty by Nadine Artemis on aromatherapy

Currently, there is a philosophical resurgence of the mind-body connection arising in part from scientific studies that have connected the gut microbiome via the super-sensory-highway of our vagus nerve as they key healer of anxiety and depression disorders. Further studies show that inhaling aromatic molecules of essential oils elevates emotions in the mental spheres by whispering to the hypothalamus to choreograph a cascade of positive neurotransmitters in the hormonal, nervous, and immune systems. For example, the psychological effect of essential oils on the nervous system in relationship to anxiety and depression was studied by Professor Paolo Rovesti of Milan University. He tested a variety of essential oils  and their restorative effect on people with hysteria, anxiety, and nervous depression. He used both oral administration and inhalation. The most effective oils to alleviate anxiety were bergamot, lime, neroli, petitgrain, lavender, marjoram, rose, cypress.  The oils he used for depression were lemon, orange, jasmin, ylang ylang and sandalwood.

Dr. Daniel Penoel, a french physician proficient in medical aromatherapy, stated that “Aromatic medicine could eventually become the ecological medicine of the 21st century by balancing earth, water and atmospheric ecosystems.”

Essential oils protect out body, skin, and mouth much in the same way that they protect the plant against pathogens with their bacteriostatic nature. Antiquity appreciated medicinal plant virtues, and now we have gas chromoatographs to map out how each essence is composed of hundreds of special substances that defy the development of bacterial resistance, encourage immunity, act as first-aid responders, and boost beauty by delivering nutrients and stimulating cells.

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