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Essential Oil safety for pets

I have had a few messages querying about the safety of essentials oils for their pets, especially dogs and cats. We have a dog of our own, so I have done a bit more research and attach some articles & links for you to check out below.

Firstly if you diffuse essential oils at your home or use them topically (on skin) or aromatically (diffuser) make sure you use the purest oils you can find. Essential Oils are unregulated in most countries and lots of the cheap essential oils are just synthetic and toxic rip offs of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I only use doTerra essential oils as they monitor the plants from harvesting, ethical sourcing, to bottling, third party testing for toxins, pesticides etc. Lots of the waxmelts and cheaper oils are not only toxic for your pet but also for you.

Use essential oils for what they are – a healing modality – to support your and your families well being. You don’t have to have the diffuser running all day. Use them responsibly and mindfully. Short term usage (2-4 hours for specific purposes is enough) to calm or elevate moods, help the respiratory tract, get rid of yucky smells, germs etc.

If you have a pet and you diffuse oils, make sure they can leave the room if they want to and have windows open. Our dog is free to wander and we only have a diffuser in the living room and my office.

Dilution is essential – use water diffusers and only 2-3 drops in the diffuser if you have cats.

Cats seem to be more sensitive as dogs, because they lack a liver enzyme to process essential oils properly. So if you have a cat you might only want to diffuse when they are out and about and apply the oils to your skin with a roller bottle / inhale from your hand / use steam baths or real baths or in the shower for inhalation.

Our dog doesn’t seem to mind the diffuser, but we use doTerra oils, a water diffuser, I only use them short term and she is free to wander off if she wants to. I haven’t used essential oils on her topically. More reading can be done here:…/cats-essential-oil-safety/ You could also follow Janet Roak on Facebook or Instagram who is vet in the US who uses doTerra oils in her clinic. She has posted links on her facebook page about essential oil safety for cats recently and did a video live. Hope this helps to ensure your pets are safe.

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