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doTERRA specials May 2021

doTERRA has special offers every month. You can view more info on all of them HERE.

If you open your account this month with doTERRA with 200 PV or more (product volume points)  or you already have an account and order for 200 PV altogether you receive an 15 ml Citrus Twist blend and a Pilot Diffuser with Carry Case until 15th May. Its worth $98 NZD wholesale price. If you would like me to help you set up your account you can either follow the steps HERE or contact me on messenger or via e-mail [email protected]. doTERRA is available in most countries around the world. If you are not based in New Zealand or Australia I can send you more information for your country.

In the link above you find links to the starter packs, pricelist and brochures for more info. You can either join with a starter pack or a custom order and I can help you find the right products for you.

PLUS ALL ENROLMENT KITS HAVE 20% OFF – THIS IS THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR TO GRAB YOURSELF YOUR KIT OF CHOICE. Here is a link to all the kits and reduced prices. If your kit is 200 PV or you add other products to your cart that add up to 200 PV you get the above mobile diffuser and Citrus blend free. The below enrolment packs are only examples there are more in above link.

25% off products are Frankincense and Rose touch rollers and the Salubelle roller bottle

Usually we get only 10% off one product. This month it is 25% off 3 of my favorite rollers. I use Rose as perfume and for skin imperfections and rolled over the heart chakra. Frankincense to support my skin, for head tension, insect bites, for meditation and as a perfume layered with Rose. Both of these are are prediluted and ready to use. The Salubelle blend is my go to face oil. I have been using it for years. It comes undiluted, so I divide it into 3 bottles and top it with carrier oil. You can find more info on it HERE.


There is still a range of Mothers day presents available until the 10th May that we can’t usually purchase. The Lip Gloss gifts are already sold out, but there are still other lovely products up for grabs. More info on the specials HERE.

The product of the month, which you receive with every Loyalty Rewards Order, which is placed by the 15th May with a PV value of 125 is the Motivate touch. You receive it free of charge with your LRP order (not enrolment orders or standard one off orders). Its a lovely citrussy blend that can be worn as a perfume and inhaled deeply. Best applied in the morning or during day when you need a boost of Motivation.

This month doTERRA offers a special enrolment pack with the LLV supplements. They some of the

And we have had a few new product launches. The Balance soap bar, the Kids collection rollers are now available as individual roller bottles and the beautiful Whisper blend comes now in a roller bottle.

Just a reminder too that doTERRA disables accounts if you don’t order in 12 months. Your account can be reactivated by calling Helpdesk.


My essential oil journey is HERE.

Why doTERRA info HERE.

What’s the loyalty rewards program (LRP) info HERE.

Info on the business opportunity HERE.

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