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doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

Lets talk doTERRA loyalty Rewards Program:

Everybody with a doTERRA account can either just order whenever they like with a “one time standard order” or be part of the “LRP / Loyalty Rewards Program” with a monthly order to receive your monthly Wellness Box straight to your door (my favorite parcel all month!). Your monthly order can be cancelled anytime, you can change it every month, there is no limit as to how much you have to order if you are just a customer.

What do I order regularly in my Wellness box

– essential oils (obviously ;-). I use them daily so have to replace regularly.
– doTERRA On Guard Toothpaste and Mouthwash (oohh so good and natural – no more ulcers or bleeding gums)
– doTERRA on Guard hand soap & cleaning concentrate (keeping those bugs at bay) 
– Lifelong Vitality Supplements (Food Nutrient Complex, Cellular Protection Complex and Omega’s – they are only $126 per month supply – have 30 day money back guarantee and are the top selling product of excellent quality)
– soaps bars, chest rub
– Lozenges On Guard for sore throats, Easy Air to clear airways.
– Correct X wound healing balm only $18 and I use for scrapes, cuts, burns, stings etc.
– Skin Oils – Yarrow Pom and Salubelle are the only things I use on my face. No more skin imperfections, less wrinkles and beautiful soft skin.
– Perfume – Rose, Jasmin, Neroli, Magnolia are now my perfumes. I don’t waste my money on toxic commercial perfumes anymore. Artificial fragrance in general really upsets my system if I smell it, for example car fresheners, toilet fresheners etc.
– doTERRA have a huge range of other products like skin care ranges, shampoo, conditioner etc.

So how does it work: You open your account with me with a starter kit or whatever you fancy. Then you set up your first monthly order with my help for the following month. For the first 3 months if you order for 50 PV every month you receive 10 % of your order volume back in product points. This percentage increases every 3 months until it reaches 30%. Then every so often you can treat yourself to some special oils or products from your accumulated points.

So this month I used my points to purchase a Rose Touch (best perfume ever, great for emotional balancing and has a big affinity with the skin), Manuka oil (I use for my skin potions, sore throats – its sourced in NZ – Gisborne), and Hawaiian Sandalwood (Skin Potions, grounding – great for meditation and being present, I use to support my lymphatic system) Those oils have a combined value of almost $300 wholesale. I wouldn’t usually treat myself to precious oils like this, but by purchasing products that I would usually buy in the supermarket or other places I get these treats for free. Wayyy better than fly by’s right?

Any questions let me know – I will lather on some Rose and Magnolia and go to sleep now. Be well. xxx

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