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doTERRA inspiration February 2021

I will share a few rituals that really supported me recently:


I have used Gua Sha tools for many months and love the ritual to release tension from my face, to plum up the skin and massage the wrinkles between my eye brows and around my mouth. The black tool in the photo is my favorite at the moment. Its from Wildling Beauty. The roller was a freebee with a product I bought and the rose quartz one I purchases from a TCM site in NZ.

I always mix my face oil new daily at the moment. I like Black Cumin Seed Oil or Jojoba Oil as a carrier oil, put a few drops in my hand and add 1-2 drops of essential oils. At the moment I like Frankincense, Copaiba, Geranium or Yarrow Pom. My usual go to is Salubelle, but I can’t  get new orders here in Turkey at the moment, so that is a great opportunity to experiment with other oils. Before I apply the oils I apply a natural toner and then massage my face and neck with the gua sha tools.

I really love this ritual and its one I have stuck with for some time now.


I have a really badly clicking jaw and feel lots of tension there. Jaw and shoulders are my tension points when I experience stress, overwhelm, fear etc. Its been an issue for many years for me and with my Chiro, Physio and Acupuncturist now being at the other side of the world I have do make do with what I can do myself on the boat.

I love using Acupoint therapy, which I am studying with my Teacher Tiffany Carole. We use essential oils on certain Acupuncture / Acupressure points to help the body heal and restore.  I will mention the acupoints here, you can easily look them up on google images.

  • Use 25% diluted Majoram on Gallbladder 34 (GB34) – 3 drops carrier oil, 1 drop Majoram
  • Blue Tansy on Liver 3 point on foot – 25% dilution as above (Balance as alternative)
  • Black Spruce on spinal and womb sacrum cradle – 25 % dilution place one hand on back one hand on front womb space and sacrum, for this one rub oil in palms of hands and place on belly and back. (any other wood as alternative)
  • Ravintsara on bladder 10 – 25% dilution (Easy Air as alternative)
  • Wintergreen on SI19 and ST6 – very strong oil, try 25% dilution, perhaps even more dilution if sensitive. (Ice Blue as alternative)

Mix oils in hand or container, dip finger in oil and hold oils on points gently until you feel its been long enough usually 2-5 mins., repeat daily. You can choose a couple of points per day or do a couple in the morning a couple in the evening – tune in with your intuition and see what feels right.

Here is a video of a chiropractor who recorded some release techniques for jaw tension too.

I usually do my Gua Sha release first and then the acupoints. If mornings are busy I just do acupoints.

Just before I go to Sleep I also roll on relaxing oils on my jawline and neck. Favorites are Adaptive. Magnolia, Lavender, Past Tense.

Free 30 day Aromapoint Journey with Tiffany Carole

I think like many of you I have really struggled at times to digest and process what is going on in the world. Here in Europe we are still right in the thick of it all and travelling during a global Pandemic brings its own challenges. With it being winter here in Turkey at the moment we have settled in a Marina and we have free Wifi. Yayy study time for me.

The last few days I have been working my way through this free 30 day Aromapoint Journey with Tiffany Carole and I am absolutely loving it. Because we are only here for 30 days I am binge watching and I felt like floating on an essential oil cloud yesterday. Its SOOOO good and so simple and so quick. The videos are only 10 minutes on average. The rituals are so short and simple, but can really give you that reset you need. I highly recommend to check Tiffany out, she is not only very knowledgeable about essential oils and Chinese Medicine, but the sweetest personality. I am taking other more intensive paid courses with her, but this is just very sweet taster and I think we can all do with more nourishment.

If you don’t have all the required oils for the journey, Tiffany offers suggestions for other options in each video. If you would like to order oils from doTERRA check out my website HERE or I can help you set up and order.

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