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Breast Massage

After a weekend at the Wellness Sanctuary with the beautiful Maria from Earth Bliss- Flower essences I feel really inspired to add breast massage to my daily regime. I have done this before but very halfheartedly.

This weekend was such an inspiration – all about womans health and how we can look after our health in preventative way, not starting when its already too late. Check out Maria’s Facebook page, she is making beautiful beauty products and massage oils.

With breast health as far as I am concerned its really important, to give your breasts braless time. I have always hated bras and never found one that is actually comfortable even with fittings. These days I just wear sports bras and find them still constricting. To allow the lymph to flow freely from our breasts bra free time is really important and the breast massage really supports moving lymph and keeping the breast tissues healthy. Breast massage doesn’t mean rubbing over them two or three times. Just google the subject and you can find lots of inspirations as to what movements around the breasts are supportive and spend some time with them.

I have made my own breast massage oil and share the recipe here:

The carrier oil is Macadamia Oil and the essential oils I added in a 15 ml bottle are 5 drops Frankincense, 5 crops Cypress, 5 drops Grapefruit, 1 drop Wild Orange, 1 drop Lemon. There are citrus oils in this blend, so make sure you don’t sunbath with skin exposed for 12-24 hours (only the area where the oil was applied.

You can read an article of Robert Tisserant here, a well known aromatherapist, on research that suggests that citrus oils can have a preventative effect on breast cancers, because of lemonene, a major constituent in citrus oils.

Also antiperspirants or common deodorants with Aluminium in them are really bad for your health in general but especially your breasts. The sweat actually needs to flow and aluminium is linked to Alzheimers and other diseases. So please look at getting a more natural deodorant. I use either Weleda deodorant or essential oils. The doTerra Purify Blend diluted with Fraktionated Coconut oils is a nice option you can try as a deodorant replacement.

Lets take our power back and implement nourishing rituals into our daily lives that prevent disease rather than having to heal from illness.

I am so grateful for all the people in my life who share their knowledge to empower me and my family to take responsibility for our healthcare and find fun and nourishing ways to implement selfcare in our daily lives.

Here are a couple of articles about breast massage:…/the-benefits-of-therapeutic-breast-mas…

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