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Balms for all occasions, incl. after sun balm

I have just done the free Balm class with Angela Chambers HERE. She is also part of our wider doTERRA team and has 2 other courses on offer. One Gua sha one and one about the Five Elements. The balm course is free, the other 2 you can purchase.

Her basic Balm recipe for 100 g balm is:
3 tbsp Shea Butter
2 tbsp Almond Oil
1 tsp Bees wax

You melt the Shea Butter and Bees Wax in a double boiler and then add your liquid oil, wait until its cooled, but not set and add your essential oils. For adults experiment with 20 drops – 30 drops of essential oil per balm, for children half that and always try on a patch of skin first. The below oils are several suggestions, you can choose one or a few to make your own balm. Remember less is more and if you use a blend its already been formulated for a specific purpose.

I like balms, because you can pre-make your favorite mixes and have them ready in the bathroom, by your bedside table, in your gym bag, on your kids bedside table, on your desk, in your handbag. Of course roller bottles work as well, but a balm gives you more of that massage feeling and moisturizes the skin beautifully. I love foot rubs, tummy rubs, hand massages.

For breathing support you can add Breathe blend, Rosemary, Cardamom, Eucalyptus.

For hormone support you can add Clary calm, Geranium, Clary Sage, Frankincense.

For immune support add On Guard.

For digestions add Digest Zen, Cardamom, Ginger, Peppermint.

For Muscle rubs add Ice Blue, Marjoram, Copaiba, Wintergreen.

When anxious and overwhelmed add Adaptive, Copaiba, Frankincense, Lavender.

For head tension add Lavender, Frankincense, Peppermint and Copaiba (all of them).

For a perfume balm add your favorite essential oil scents.

Remember to store your balms away from heat and sunlight. Enjoy your balm making.


Here is another goodie for an AFTER SUN BALM by Samantha from Oiltribe:

With you all enjoying a summer, while we are cold here in Turkey I thought you might enjoy mixing up this natural after sun balm. Its based on a recipe by Samantha from Oil Tribe and makes approx. 2 x 200 g jars. Remember to try and put all your oils creations in glass, ideally amber glass and be careful with sun sensitive / photo sensitive essential oils (all citrus oils, apart from Green Mandarin).

1 cup natural Aloe Vera Gel
1/4 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil
10 drops Lavender
10 drops Frankincense
5 drops Helichrysum

Stir vigorously with a fork or whisk. It will change colour to almost white.


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