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Are doTerra oils expensive

My answer is no they are not.

Its a question of value and expense. Not expense entirely. By choosing doTerra, I choose the purest and most potent essential oil in the world, I choose to support lots of communities all over the world many of them in third world countries who have been enabled to build sustainable and healthier lifestyles by growing & harvesting for doterra. I choose ethical sourcing. I choose thorough testing of the plants and oils throughout the production process. I choose a company with heart and the right values. I choose a company thats supports thousands of families all over the world to make a primary or secondary income, most of them woman who can work from home at the times that fit around their families. I choose a product that changes lives and healthcare every day in thousands of homes.

1 drop of Peppermint oil is 11 cents, one drop of Lavender oil is 13 cents, so that’s 0.24 cents to treat a headache. Is that expensive?

One drop of Lavender can heal a regular kitchen burn that is 13 cents. Its that expensive?

One drop of Lavender in a 10 ml bottle of carrier oil can last for months to calm your baby. With the rollerbottle and carrier oil, that would come probably come to $4.Is that expensive?

The Clary Calm woman’s roll on bottle is $36 wholesale price. It comes undiluted. I split it into 3 and top with carrier oil. That’s $12 per bottle and perhaps a couple of dollars for a bit of carrier oil to top them up. They would last you for 3 months at least. So it comes to rough cost of 40 cents per day to balance your hormones, help with menstrual cramps and discomforts, balance moods and help you and your family through PMS. Is that expensive?

One bottle of Rose Touch is $118, one of the most precious essential oils on earth, powerful healer for heart, absolutely no toxins in there. How much do spend on average on a fancy perfume full of toxins that your body will have to deal with?

Its a no brainer, as far as I am concerned.

I think to say that doTerra oils are expensive is not quite aligning with reality comparing to alternatives that you would purchase in a pharmacy or essential oils that are produced with synthetic alternatives and possibly full of toxins or not as potent or plants sourced from dealers that rip off the growers.

There are many more reasons why doTerra is a beautiful company. Yes the oils are an initial investment, but one that your family is worth it and they will last you for a long time if you use them mindfully and correctly. They are highly potent and one drop is enough for most ailments.

Make your sums and look at the full value and the ripple on effects of the product you purchase.

Good night world x

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