I moved out to Hawkes Bay at the end of last year and started immediately searching for yoga classes in Hastings, with not so much initial success. I feel so very fortunate that at the beginning of this year I came across Silke’s classes, which were just starting up. I go regularly to the Hatha classes and really, really enjoy them. They are suitable for all levels and I get sooo much from each class I do, leaving feeling very calm, centered, and ready to face what the day (and kids!!) will throw my way! The use of essential oils is just lovely, and I’ve never been disappointed by any of the workshops I’ve done with Silke. If you haven’t yet, go along! I bet you won’t leave disappointed!

Christine O.

I love Silke’s yoga classes! Whether you are totally new to yoga or experienced you will benefit from her instruction. Yin yoga is sooo relaxing – that’s what I’d start with if I were a newbie. It is not too hard and you can float your cares away. Hatha yoga is a little bit more challenging, but Silke is soo good at reminding you not to do anything that feels wrong or sore and she is also very good at explaining each move. Thank you for your commitment Silke xx

Shelley H.

A big thank you Silke for the yoga and essential oils session last night.
It was a special evening and I really enjoyed your presentation and the group sharing session.
This was my 1st ever session of yoga and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I floated home afterwards and slept very deeply! 
I will enjoy using my own essential oils mix in the weeks ahead also 
You are a great teacher and a special lady -thanks again

Michelle M.

That was a great class thanks Silke. Lovely to meet you and lovely to have a good calming stretch out.

Karen C.

Thank you Silke for your gentle and relaxing yin sessions. I’ve really enjoyed my introduction to yoga with you and will definitely be continuing. You make it seem ok to arrive knowing nothing, and have a welcoming non-judgemental group which is so important for us newbies!! 

Alice E.

Thank you so much Silke! I always feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated after a session of Yin yoga with you. You make everyone feel so welcome and comfortable which is so important when you are just starting out and feeling a bit silly. You have made me fall in love with yoga! Thank you!

Rebecca F.

My first taste with a class was Yoga and essential oils for emotional release.
Silke, you were lovely and welcoming to everyone and I felt comfortable throughout the session. Very relaxed by the end and slept soundly that night. My muscles felt alive the next day and look forward to regular classes.

Michele S.

I enjoy Silke’s classes, she is a great teacher, relaxed, very thorough and informative. Always feel great after a class!

Brenda R.

I am a beginner to yoga and to Silke’ s classes. I really enjoy and look forward to them. Silke is knowledgable, thorough and so very kind. She is very human! I find the classes very rewarding and appreciate the care and the extra touches Silke provides- sharing information, offering workshops, affirmation cards etc. I feel lucky to have found Silke

Jill J.