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1 month anniversary of Heartspace Yoga

I just realised that I missed my 1 month anniversary of opening the doors to my Heartspace yoga studio – 1 month and 3 days. I feel very humbled and so grateful for all your support. I really, really appreciate it. Because of you I am able to do what I love and its even better if you love what I do!

One of my beautiful clients nominated me for the 2017 NZ Exercise Industry Awards and left this anonymous feedback about me: “She inspired me to come back. It is that simple. I’ve tried yoga before and completely scared of the group fitness scenario. With Silke she made an instant connection,she is down to earth yet spiritual too. She connects with each person in the room and makes us all feel so welcome. I was lucky enough to meet her at a time when i really needed to. Her yoga sessions have provided the exact right amount of physical workout and peace for my mind.”

Whoever you are – thank you so much – that means a lot.

And thank you to my clients who have gone to the trouble to leave a review for me on facebook or sending their friends to try my sessions.

The studio was almost at capacity tonight with 9 people joining in the 7 pm yin session.

Thank you to you all – from my heart to yours. Sleep well x

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